​​This is the 7-step difference in the life of a member of My Advertising Pays (a MAPPER) verses everyone else who works a job for a living.
Everyone Else (Working a job):
1. Wakes Up
2. Goes to work 
3. Optional: Spends tens of thousands on College
    (If college is not an option, skip to Step 4.)
4. Goes back to work
5. Repeats the above 
6. Retires when they HAVE to or when they are TOLD to
7. Has no time to enjoy life

1. Wakes Up
2. Spends 10 minutes clicking on 10 ads
4. Repeats the above until they are Diamond members
5. Refers others to MAPS
6. Retires when they WANT to
7. Has plenty of time to enjoy life
Which one do you want to be?

If you’ve chosen to be a MAPPER, CLICK HERE:


~Mike J Anthony
7 Steps in the Life of a MAPPER vs Everyone Else

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