The following sites are my personal opinion of what I think are the best revenue sharing sites for 2016.  I am only going to talk about a few as there are literally hundreds of these but this article is about the ones I have personal experience with.

This only makes sense, as I can talk about hundreds of revenue sharing programs, but if I have no experience with them, then it is rather a moot point and not much worth talking about, so lets get going…


What Are Revenue Sharing Sites?

Revenue sharing sites are websites that sell a product or service and share the revenues generated with its members.  This article is focused on online advertising sites, in particular.

Online Advertising revenue sharing programs generally sell advertising in the form of banner ads, login ads, PTC (pay-to-click) ads, text ads, and more.  The owner/admin of the site will then give back a portion of the sales generated, called cashback, to members who join the site and then buy advertising and/or refer others to the site to also purchase advertising.

The way in which revenues are distributed vary from site to site but they generally involve advertising credits or ad “shares”.  These shares are not the same ones that you would get if you were investing in a company, since there is no investment involved.  They are just simply a name for the advertising that you might purchase at the site.

My Best Revenue Sharing Programs

Fort Ad Pays Fort Ad Pays (FAP) is by far the best revenue sharing site I’ve come across by far, in my personal opinion.  It has grown by leaps and bounds.  It currently offers payouts every 30 minutes, at up to 220% cashback commissions, for just $1 per credit pack.  You can have a maximum of 200,000 shares so do the math there!  There is a minimum of just $10 in order to become a paid member and start buying ad-shares.  In order to maintain participation in the revenue sharing option, members must click on four (4) ten 10-second banner ads per day.  It accepts payment processors from Payza (recommended), 2Pay4U and Perfect Money.  If you decide to refer others, you will make up to an additional 21% in commissions, down 10 levels deep, from their purchases too. This 10-level referral program is unusual in the rev-share business.  FAP does not use Paypal either, which is a great thing because Paypal freezes accounts when it decides that a rev-share program doesn’t comply with its terms & conditions anymore, which is now all of them.  

Click here for more information on Fort Ad Pays.


My Paying Ads – My Paying Ads (MPA) is a good rev-share with an honest admin but who has run into the “Paypal Freeze” and is needing to restart operations.  It will pay up to 120% cashback commissions through 10 levels of Ad-Plans.  It has a direct referral program that pays 10% commissions on 1st level only.  It costs $5 to get started with MPA.  Shares cost $1 in Ad-Plan 1 and then the shares progressively increase in price for each level until 1 ad-share costs $50 in Ad-Plan 10.  The maximum shares are 200 in each level, except level 10, where the max is 2000 shares. Currently, Paypal assets, of which incorporates 95% of the company, are frozen for 6 months and wont be released until July 4, 2016. The company is currently undergoing a switch from Paypal. 


My Advertising Pays – This My Advertising Pays (MAP) revenue sharing site is just over 2 years old and is for non-US based customers/members only.  The US was just recently excluded from participating in this program due to falling profit margins there. It is very popular in Germany and France.  Its business model has members buying ad credit packs at $49.99 each and pays $10 upon maturity.  Each credit pack gets you 550 credits for advertising on its traffic exchange, which is its main source of traffic generation. In order to participate in the revenue sharing option, members must click on ten 10-second or 30-second ads per day.  A member is allowed up to 1200 credit packs maximum.  Direct referral commissions pay 10%.  This is a good online advertising traffic exchange type of revenue sharing program for European and other non-US members only. MAP uses only VX-Gateway and SolidTrustPay as its main payment processors which are both trustworthy.  MAP does not use Paypal.


Traffic Monsoon – This program came out shortly after My Advertising Pays did as sort of a copy-cat.  Its advertising credit packs cost $50 and pays out $55 upon maturity for a $5 cashback profit (110%) per credit pack.  The revenue sharing option is also maintained by clicking on ten 20-second ads per day.  It offers much of the same advertising packages as My Advertising Pays though offers a lower cashback payout. It also offers 10% direct referral commissions. TM used to use Paypal, but, like MPA above, it has also recently run into the “Paypal Freeze” and is now undergoing a switch from Paypal, which is causing delays in receiving payment if Paypal was used as a processor.  TM is currently attempting to move things to their own bank processor.

Best Revenue Sharing Sites


Can You Really Make Money With Revenue Sharing Sites?

Absolutely!  Though many of these programs have come and gone due to mismanagement, unforeseen circumstances, as well as straight up scams, so as always, you need to be careful which ones you participate in.  Though many people can, and do, make money with these programs, there is never any guarantee that you will.  Just like any company, they can fold at any time.  But that’s just life. Don’t let that stop you from trying out what I think are the best revenues sharing sites online right now.


Disclaimer:  Any of the revenue sharing sites cannot guarantee earnings.  They are advertising companies, not investment companies.  Any cashback or referral commissions are generated through sales of advertising only, and there is no guarantee of sales or of any time frame attached to it.  Joining and/or using any of these aforementioned sites constitutes that you acknowledge and accept this information.  Please make sure to read all the terms and conditions of each site before using them.


~Mike J Anthony

Mike J Anthony






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