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I was explaining to someone who feels stuck in their business because they have no more money to advertise.

This person stated she is feeling a lack of momentum and lack of motivation because of this.

She is a part of my business community, though I’ve never met her personally, so I know of some resources she can tap into that maybe she hasn’t thus far.

Our community has ‘Inspiration’ videos she can watch to get back that motivation she desperately needs .

I tapped into these because I needed motivation myself after losing it over the very same things: lack of money and my current buyers/customers don’t seem to be doing or buying anything.

So I told her what helped me. 

But the main thing is that this is all mental in nature.  

Winners act in spite of fear while losers run away with their tail tucked between their legs.

So I told her to #1) Never Give Up and #2) Remember what her WHY is – of why she started this business in the first place.

That should be motivation enough right there – and it is a mental issue.

Negative thoughts creep in all the time to all of us – so I also told her to STAND UP and face the fear which we all surely have because, if you give up, then nothing will ever change for you and you will still be right back here in complaint mode when that’s the very thing you’re trying to change.

She said she is in big financial trouble.  But giving up is not going to change that. It will only continue the tragic cycle and possibly even make it worse.

So when fear, uncertainty, self-doubt, lack of motivation, lack of momentum, lack of money, etc, etc, start to tell you that you should just give up, you STAND UP and tell those thoughts to GET LOST!

Those thoughts don’t matter – only the mission matters!  Her mission in this case is to generate leads for her business.  That’s it!  Don’t dwell on anything else.

Have no money? So WHAT! DO IT ANYWAY! Your ‘WHY’ will find you ways to do it for free for now.

Scared and uncertain? So WHAT! Do it anyway! Acting in the face of uncertainty is a sign of a true winner.

Your current leads, if you have any, aren’t doing anything? So WHAT! Get more leads!

Lacking confidence and don’t know what to do next? So WHAT! 

Learn more about your business in the countless resources our business community already provides for you.  This will surely get you the confidence you need to keep moving forward.

No matter what negative things you may be feeling – THEY DON’T MATTER. YOU STAND UP and keep moving forward anyway!

Let me tell you what I think the sweetest victory of all is…

Many people come into our business with lots of money and they can advertise, build their business, and seemingly succeed from day one.

But the sweetest victory is when I can say that I came into this with nothing…no money, no motivation, no certainty, no confidence – just a burning desire to succeed – AND I STOOD UP AND I DID IT ANYWAY!

This, my friends, is the sweetest victory of all!

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Mike J Anthony

What Is Your “WHY”?

Hey, Mike here…

I need you to really think about what your “WHY” is…why is it that you want to make more money or start a successful online business?

For me, I have to consider, from time to time, WHY I do what I do…WHY I want the things I want…

Do you know that most of us don’t know what our “WHY” is until we reach deep down within ourselves and ask from a heartfelt, spiritual, and subconscious level?

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “I know what I want”, probably. But most of us only “think” we know what we want…Let me explain…

​​We all want more money, time, freedom, etc, etc…right? But did you ever really, I mean REALLY, ask yourself WHY you want those things? Chances are, you have not.

I know I did not until I attended an online​​ marketing event in Austin, TX.  There was this guy on stage talking and he suddenly made all of ​us in the audience close our eyes.

Then he kept asking us WHY we wanted these things…​the extra time, money, freedom, etc, etc…​

…until we got mad at him! But he didn’t stop asking…

The rest of the audience was calling out the same type of things you’d expect…”freedom”, “more time with family”, “more money”, “more time with my kids”, etc, etc…

They were actually reaching for different answers but it was still all the same surface level stuff…

“WHY DO YOU KEEP ASKING ME ‘WHY’, FOR GOODNESS SAKE?”, my mind finally screamed back!

But then, something truly magical, even what I like to call “spiritual” happened. 

Power of Belief

You see, after I thought I had used up all my answers…

…after I was pissed off from ​that guy who kept asking, “…And why do you want that? What would THAT do for you that you don’t already have?”, after every surface layer answer I gave, which was only 3 by the way – more money, time, freedom…

I ran out of answers after that…but the dude kept asking that same question over and over again…

…and what would THAT get you that you don’t already have?“, again and again…

…after I thought I had no more and my mind was blank, and I was now very pissed off, 

The guy on stage pushed for still more…

Now, I was standing up, with everyone else, ready to curse the guy’s very being when, finally, it hit me…

It hit me so hard I had to sit down and wipe sudden tears from my eyes…

There was also crying in the audience as they started to “transform” their thoughts into what their “WHY”s really were too! I’ve never experienced anything like it, truthfully.

I started to hear the audience’s responses transform into deeper, more meaningful things than they were calling out in the beginning of the exercise.

Finally, out of the darkness and blankness of my mind, a new answer came to ME…

​It floored me and I never even thought about it before​ now.

THEN, You want to know what the guy said next, to the whole audience?

He said, “You know that feeling that you got, after finally peeling through all the stuff we think we want, that feeling that brought tears to your eyes?

THAT is your WHY!”

I watched 4,000 people transform before my very eyes at that moment!

As I’m writing this message now, I have goosebumps, and I am wiping away tears. That’s how powerful knowing what your WHY is!

…because we all struggle
…because we all get frustrated
…because we all know we were meant for something greater, but are not doing it, or living it

The real reason I write messages and send out emails to you is not because I just want to take something material from you, like money.  It’s not because I want to talk you into something you don’t need.

I’m writing you because if you only realize what your WHY is, then we can help each other and you will work that much harder on what is really important to you.

Listen, I’m not sitting back at some beach resort sipping mai-tais. I work a full-time job that I honestly do not enjoy.

And you know what? I am going to keep reaching for what I want out of life, come Hell or high water. I won’t stop trying for positive change!

Knowing what your WHY is will help you out a lot, as it is helping me. I found a mentor, actually several now, that are helping me get what I want out of life, not what someone else wants, i.e. your boss. I am talking about people who are helping me achieve my WHY…

I call these people the MOBE Community, and am very proud to be a part of this group, because we all help each other achieve personal and financial prosperity. (Click here to find out more about MOBE)

Is it going to be a tough road? Hell yea – soul searching is always tough – but that’s what makes it great. It’s not the end result that’s important. It’s the process involved that truly grows a person from the inside out.

And I am not alone in this journey. I am NOT alone!

​Watch this video for a presentation of what we in the MOBE Community do to provide a better life for those important to us…

Feel free to email me as well. My email is

And I hope to be able to help you achieve your true WHY, as that helps me make my life matter as well…

~Mike J Anthony
“Won’t Stop Trying for Change”

Pictured Above: MOBE CEO Matt Lloyd (L), Mike J Anthony (R)

This young man show how he got ahead in life by leaving it all behind. The pure determination and going after what you want, when you are already broke is an inspiration. When you really want to do something, you just have to simply DECIDE to do it.


Getting Ahead in Life Financially



The first step, before anybody else in the world believes it, is YOU have to believe it.  ~Will Smith

If You Only Had the Faith of An Acorn…

Remember that this:
Might Oak Tree

Came from this:



Yes, Remember that you are not small – and that even a mighty oak tree came from a seedling.


Whatever it is you want, YOU CAN DO!


Plant your seed and water it daily!


Keep the faith,


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~Mike J Anthony

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