In order to get the most out of your My Advertising Pays business, atleast in my humble opinion, you will need to learn everything about it.

This will either motivate you to get more committed or to maybe say, “nah – this really isn’t for me!”.  Either way, don’t sit on the fence.

money-lotEither get committed or get lost! (Not to sound mean- LOL) But hey, that’s what it comes down to right?  Some of you already know I am going to tell you this, because I have already!

So here are some ways to learn about your MAP business:

First of all, know that Online Advertising is a near half-TRILLION dollar industry.  That is MAP’s business.

It is the same one in which Google and Facebook operate with Google Adwords/Adsense and FB PPC (Pay Per Click) respectively.

For those of you who don’t know what these are, they are simply advertising platforms.

When these 2 companies first got started, they did not have advertising platforms.  They realized the opportunity in advertising and developed them for the online world.

Now, as you DO know, TENS of BILLIONS of dollars in advertising spending are earned every quarter.

This is from Google’s latest earnings for the period ending March 31, 2015 and dated April 23, 2015:

“Google’s first quarter revenue was $17.3 billion, up 12% year on year. Excluding the net impact of foreign currency headwinds, revenue grew a healthy 17% year on year,” said Patrick Pichette, CFO of Google. “We continue to see great momentum in our mobile advertising business and opportunities with brand advertisers.”(

You see, Google’s biggest business is not their Search business, which they were founded on…its their Advertising business!
This is the realm that MAP now operates in.  But unlike Google and Facebook, MAP actually pays you to use it!

We are like a small family building up our advertising platform from scratch.  We have an incentive to do so since MAP pays us a small profit per credit pack to use the site, advertise on it, click on 10 ads per day, and also use its referral program if you so choose (Highly recommended).

I think this is very exciting – to build our own advertising platform where its members get paid for building it.

Guess what?  YOU helped build Google. What did you get? NOTHING!

YOU built Facebook to what it is today. What did you get? Right again: NOTHING!

In fact, NONE of you got paid anything to build those sites!

And Isn’t it better to get paid for something you did than not? Damn right, it is! (I know you were thinking that too! LOL)

So how can you get the most out of your My Advertising Pays business?

Well…you should get to events if you can.  These are mostly going on in Europe currently: UK, Germany, Italy…but soon more will be coming to the US.  Check out: for the latest – especially if you happen to live in these areas.

Also, see the live mentoring calls available on that site and watch the recordings – Simon Stepsys (the first Crown Royal Ambassador member and the first to WITHDRAW $1 Million) holds these every Sunday afternoon at 1pm EST.

You can hear one of the more recent ones from 7-19-2015 here:

Stay up to date on Corporate Info at and make sure you are on the mailing list by subscribing on the left side window of that page.

Since you’re with me and Simon is my Diamond upline member (we don’t really have uplines and downlines but that’s what Im calling him), that means he is yours too – so you need to join our FB group at:

Here you will see daily posts, new members, progress updates, positive encouragement and motivation, questions you can ask other members, etc…

If you have any questions you want to ask other Diamond members (those who have obtained 1200 credit packs), or anyone else in the group , that is the place to go.

Check out the live hangouts as they occur. These happen less frequently but when they do, be sure to check these out.  The latest can be found here:

Last but not least, I highly recommend purchasing a copy of the MAP Success Book.  This costs $47 but after buying and reading this myself, I do recommend that everyone on my team get this eventually.  It can be found here:

That book will explain the MAP business model in detail and tell you everything you need to know about MAP but were afraid to ask.  It addresses questions which almost everyone has thought of at some point or another – and those who are members, and even those who are thinking of becoming members, should read this!

Now – all of the above will give you a very good handle on this business and you will be able to tell others in confidence about your business when that time comes!

Also know that Mike Deese, our CEO, is NEVER satisfied and is always working on new stuff and improvements that will benefit its members first!  No one else that I know does that!

If you haven’t seen what our CEO is like, you can watch a past interview of his here:


See can additional personal progress updates of mine at

OK, to end this: If you have not yet bought any credit packs, what are you waiting for?

If you have not yet even joined, you can do that here!

We’ll chat later!
~Mike J Anthony
Mike J Anthony
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