​”Holy 20 Grand, Batman!”

It was only less than 7 months ago, I made my first $1.12 with MAP.

As of today, its over $20,000!  My little experiment seems to be going well…LOL

Please read the following message from Tony Booth (MAP co-founder)…

“Something must be right about this “MAP SCAM”!

There are currently 193,200+ members and growing by 5000 per week.

MAP has been going now for 20 months and the banks are falling over themselves to help us.

Every single [active] member is earning money from profit share and getting paid within the day.

Many are reporting fantastic success with their MAP ad campaigns and some showing sales of $77,000 (£50,000) and more.

Network marketing experts are teaching our members for FREE how to get the most from your business online.

But most of all, some great friendships are forming all over the world.

Why not come and join us today?  Its Free to take a look!”

~Tony Booth

If you haven’t bought your first credit pack, what are you waiting for?

You get paid every 20 minutes, but not if you don’t have any credit packs!

~Mike J Anthony

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