So you still haven’t gone ahead and purchased a credit pack with My Advertising Pays, huh?
That tells me one of a few things:  Either you don’t trust what you’ve seen so far, you don’t trust me, or you still have some questions.
I’ll address all three right now:
I can’t tell you anything with 100% certainty. That’s just life and I know you know that.  Life is about taking chances and taking risks.  But I can tell you this: Nothing ventured, nothing gained!
You can just keep doing what you been doing and getting the same results.  If you are not happy about that then how is it that you even came to be reading this? Something brought you to this point.
Are you telling me that you won’t even take a chance for a measly $60?  Surely you’ve gone out to dinner and spent much more than that, taking a chance on food you did not even know if you’d like.
Give yourself that same opportunity now.  Time is of the essence here.
If you don’t like it, in a few months, you will get your $60 back automatically – if you click on 10 ads per day – and you can walk away without having lost anything.
If you don’t trust me, well…don’t!  My results speak for themselves.The following screen shot was taken just a couple minutes ago as of this email and I just made money while writing this:
 My Advertising Pays Online Advertising
But I am using the advertising platform, I’m clicking 10 ads per day, I’m repurchasing credit packs, and I believe in myself enough to at least give myself the chance to succeed with it.
I don’t know if you’re willing to do any of that.Is not spending $60 worth it to see if you can succeed with this? I don’t think it is and my results absolutely say its NOT!
(I currently have $4272 and growing that says that it would not have been worth it to NOT spend the $55.69 it cost me to buy my first credit pack)
Or are you NOT spending $60 because you are afraid of failure?
Fear of Failure

Fear of Failure

 (I really hope this guy isn’t YOU)
If that’s the case then plan on having a job for the rest of your life – or looking for one –  and putting up with that racket day in and day out – never once having what brought you to this opportunity to begin with.
I think that’s a real shame but I can’t do it for you – and certainly not with the $60 you are apparently afraid of losing.
I think starting in this business for a laughable $60 and working it for 1-2 years is a risk I’d rather take – than KNOWING I have to work for the next 20, 30, 40 years of my life in some job I hate!
You got to believe in yourself that you want more out of life. Its just $50+ dollars (I’ve been saying $60 just to round up) – but not a lot of money for what you can gain!
The TIME that you’re losing thinking about this is worth millions more than the $60 you are so afraid of losing right now. Think about it!
Look, I started with 1 credit pack too. I had $1.12 sitting in my account 16 hours later – that was enough for me.  I bought 29 more 4 days later. Now you see my results above! Enough said! What are YOU going to do? Keep looking around? Its costing you money!
Log in to your back office, set up your VX Gateway or Sold Trust Pay account and buy that first credit pack.  Then click on your 10 ads for the day. When you wake up tomorrow, you will see your account balance growing. Then make your decision from there…
I’d love for you to join me in the Diamond members circle someday, but you will never be there if you won’t even buy your first credit pack…
Mike J Anthony
P.S. You are about to join in a $365+ BILLION industry! Think about how much money that is. Take Your Share NOW!
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