This system is perfect for those who have never made any money online before…EVER!

I’ve been doing my due diligence on this and its being used by the most selfless, caring people I’ve even worked with.  It’s brought in over 105,000 members and growing in just over 1 year now.

I just recently joined this fairly new money system and I just made my first dollar with it.

After first writing it off as another meaningless program, I am now seeing why so many people are using this.

I dilly-dallied with it for a couple days and then I purchased an advertising pack so I could see how it works.

I spent 10-15 minutes per day clicking on ads in the network over the next couple days and money starting appearing in my account – just like that!

I did not sponsor anyone. I did not sell anything.

All I did was purchase ONE credit pack for advertising so I can see how this works. (See pic below):

New Money System

As you can see in the pic above, I registered on 2/12/2015 and purchased 1 credit pack a couple days later. I’ve only had this account active over the last 2 days and after clicking on some ads in the network, there is $1.07 sitting in my account.

A credit pack is $50 and it will grow to $60 before it expires.

This might not seem so exciting except that you are allowed to purchase up to 1200 credit packs.

This is how many people are making quite a living doing this.

People are purchasing and re-investing their profits into more credit packs.  They are advertising their other offers on the network and some people are referring others for even more credit packs.

The business model is simple:

The more credit packs you purchase, the more profits you make as long as you click on 10 ads each day.

This keeps serious business-minded people looking at your ads too, so its also a great private advertising platform with real targeted people looking at your offers.

I haven’t seen a simpler way to advertise and make your first ever money online anywhere.

Its actually addictive and I highly recommend you get started right now:


~Mike J Anthony


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