This question, about drop-shipping on Ebay, was asked on a popular marketing forum and since I had done that, and still do, I had to chime in with this reply…

Agreed! I use this method myself but only sporadically now. I am not trying to build a business with it but it does work and does not violate Amazon or eBays TOS. I talked to eBay personally on the phone when I requested an increase in the total monthly dollar amount I am allowed to list.


They actually ask you where you source your products from. I told them Amazon, Overstock, etc, etc. and they are perfectly OK with that as it is a common business practice. They just want to know, that’s all. I have never received a negative complaint. My feedback is 100% positive and my eBay performance level is “Above Standard” after many times of doing this.


If someone happens to get angry about an Amazon box being delivered, Id simply offer them their money back and move on. This has never happened yet, but I know it could. But for most, its not an issue. Its much more important that they receive what they ordered in a timely fashion than what box it came in.


I had 1 person who wanted an item by Christmas which I could not get delivered in time. I simply informed them of the situation and asked if they wanted to wait or receive a refund. They chose the refund and everything was fine. No harm, no foul.


You also have to know that most people shopping on eBay don’t want to do the research to see where they can get it cheaper.. They want to go to one place, check out the prices, and buy it now! That’s why eBay even has a “Buy It Now” button. They don’t care if they can get it cheaper somewhere else as long as they can get it faster from where they are already at, which is eBay. Time is a cost after-all.


There are ways to scale this up but you have to like this business model and work at it like everything else. But for those saying its “not legit” and “not scalable” and all that really don’t know what they are talking about. There are many people out there using this very business model to make 6-figures+/yr and that’s the true facts.


As a matter of fact, the online shopping industry is a $250 BILLION market and rising, which is why I am still in this market, just not in this way. I have found a much easier and duplicatable way to participate in this market.

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Online Shopping


Mike J Anthony

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