As many of you know by now, it is with great regret that MAP Corporate has decided to pull out of the US market to focus on the European growth.

I know it wasn’t an easy decision, and one that was fought over, according to CEO Mike Deese.  But, as with any business, online or offline, there are risks. You must remember that businesses rely on sales of products and services to customers in order to succeed, and this is NEVER a guaranteed thing.  MAP has always disclaimed that earnings were not guaranteed.  We were lucky to have it this long.

It all boils down to keeping and maintaining a healthy profit margin, which they were not able to do in the United States as compared to Europe and the rest of the world, unfortunatelySo they have made the hard business decision to leave the US market.

I personally thought this would be a point of future growth in the US, not exclusion! So welcome to the real world! 

I almost feel like it was our fault, as US-based members, who did not promote it enough to make it profitable for us. But we did not know.  I wish they would have warned us about a pending exclusion of the US and maybe we could have all worked harder as a group…I don’t know…but this is where we are now regardless.

That being said, I will personally stop all promotions for US-based customers and will only still offer the MAP opportunity to international, non-US based referrals, which we can all still do.

But all is not doom and gloom and life is not over. Where one door closes, another one opens!

In the meantime, those of you members who are not in the US, your accounts have not been affected and you can continue with MAP as you have been. Nothing has changed for you. For you, things look very bright indeed and are getting even better! Congratulations!

For my US-based members:

The bad news is that we will no longer be able to purchase credit packs or sign up US-based referrals. You can, however, still refer international customers and get paid that way.

There is further info forth-coming from MAP Corporate on how to receive a lump sum payment. The other option, which we are already allowed to do, is continue to collect on the credit packs we already own until they expire.  This has been extended past the normal 120 days to 180 days.

Either option should leave you in profit from where you started, wherever that was. That’s the good news.

So where do us Americans go from here?

Well..I am already involved in some other ventures but I have decided to join Traffic Monsoon so others, who have no where to go, can have somewhere to go for the time being. You can sign-up using my affiliate here: CLICK HERE

I do not know whether this program is any good as I have not been able to try this out yet myself but it is somewhere to go, if you choose to, where you can get paid in the same manner as MAP did and you do not have to refer anyone. It is also free to join.

You can do further research on this yourself!  But I just wanted to provide someplace where you can quickly go as this has come as an unexpected blow to us US-based members.

I do not have any other option for members who have no internet marketing experience or money to get involved with other opportunities that I am already a part of. (Which accounts for most of my MAP referrals). If you’d still like to know about those other options, contact me directly. Be warned, they are not cheap!

So with that out of the way…Its been great working with some of you within MAP and I hope to see many of you in the future with other things. Some I will see again, others I will not – so for those I wont see…Good luck and God speed!

Feel free to contact me if you want to chat. 

Mike J Anthony


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