Don’t ever feel pressured to move to the next Ad-Pack level.
MPA is a marathon that you can run at your own pace.
It is NOT a race where you have to feel like you have to keep up with someone else. You do not!
Christy here, posted pics on how she was building her levels during a 17 day period when she has all 9 levels open. 
The first pic is the “before” the 17-day period started and the 2nd pic is “after” the 17 days.  Can you see the differences?

Christy maxed out level 8, where it was not maxed before (1st pic), and then she back-filled all previous levels where the ad-packs were maturing before opening up level 9 (2nd pic). 
This is a perfect example of how you should be building your levels.
Run YOUR marathon, not someone else’s race.
Here’s to much prosperity…
~Mike J Anthony
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