I’m actually kind of having fun with this one.  Its simple and easy to understand pretty quickly.  It also seems to generate earnings quick too!
Its very similar to My Advertising Pays (MAP), but with the recent removal of the United States market from its business model, I’ve had to find something else that was easy and simple for myself, and mainly for others in the US who have never made money online before.
Like MAP, My Paying Ads is an advertising company where members can earn commissions from sales of advertising via customers which are both internal (members) and external (non-members).
If there are no sales, there are no commissions…period! Earnings are not guaranteed and therefore, there is no requirement to recruit or promote anyone to earn.  If you do refer others, there will be an additional 10% commission earned through the advertising purchases of your direct referrals.
The owner, Dr “Uday” (that’s what he likes to be called), a Ph.D in mechanical engineering, and founder of MyPayingAds, does not have to share revenue with anyone – but he chose this business model so that the average person can have a means to make money online, and many for the first time ever.
So here is the business model in a nutshell…

The My Paying Ads Business Model

My Paying Ads Ad-Groups

You have 10 different groups of Ad-Plans where you buy your shares in. (In speaking of “shares”, these are not investments and they do not give off any distributions or dividends).

These Ad-Plan “shares” merely give you the right to earn a portion of the commissions generated from actual sales. So the more active shares you have, the more commissions you make.

The “shares” are also products which you are paying for. Your purchased shares will also include advertising credits for which to advertise your own products, services, websites, etc. with on the site…

OK. Back to the 10 Ad-Plan Groups: These groups are each separate from one another, so you can only earn in the group you have active shares in.

Each successive group increases in both the amount you earn in commissions per share and in how much you spend per active share as you move through each group.

A member must start at the first Ad-Plan 1, where shares cost $1 each and return is 120% upon maturity…and then move on to Ad-Plans 2, 3, 4, etc…down to Ad-Plan 10 where shares cost $50 each and return is 150% at maturity.

Profits in Ad-Plan 1 are distributed to members who own shares in Ad-Plan 1 only. These groups do not receive earnings from, or feed earnings into, any other group. Commissions are only distributed to members who purchased shares in the Ad-Plan to which they belong. This is true for every Ad-Plan group from 1 to 10.

This distribution process eliminates the “heavy-hitter” effect where someone comes in, buys up all the shares, and leaves the program, taking the profits with them, and leaving the “little guy or gal” with no money to make, as has happened in other rev-share programs that pooled all the money together in one spot.

This way, every member has an equal chance to make earnings, no matter what experience they have.

So every member needs 100 minimum active shares in any group in order to move on to the next group. Each group maxes out at 200 shares.

For example, a member can buy 200 shares in Ad-Plan 1 before moving on to Ad-Plan 2, OR they can buy 100 shares before moving on to Ad-Plan 2 since 100 is the minimum (I tested this and moved to Ad-Plan 2 once I hit 100). I highly recommend maxing out each group so as not to leave money on the table. I have since gone back to max out Ad-Plan 1.

There is one exception: Ad-Plan 10 is the only group which allows 2,000 active shares rather than 200.

There is a 70/30 split on shares, which means that 70% of the earnings from your shares goes towards your repurchase earnings and 30% goes into your cash balance. (100% is still yours but its separated as described). Referral commissions are also distributed 70/30.

You can opt to use your repurchase earnings first, before the cash balance, to repurchase shares – or you can use 100% of the repurchase earnings + cash balance. The latter is what I recommend doing when you first start. Use 100% of your funds to repurchase shares to get the ball rolling. Later on, you can start to withdraw a portion of your cash balance.

This business model will not make anyone rich but you can generate a decent monthly income. My research indicates that you can make up to $10,000/monthly if you max out all the groups.

There are currently over 60,000 members and growing, and $2.5 Million has already been paid out since March of 2015 when MPA first launched. That’s over $42 per member!

And we all know that in reality, most people join and do absolutely nothing, so you know this money did not come from them! But even the ‘do-nothings’ would have made $42 if they did something…anything!

How to Join My Paying Ads

You can join for free but you also need a minimum of $5 to start purchasing shares and be part of the revenue sharing pools. (i.e. $5 will buy you 5 shares in Ad-Plan 1).

If you join and stay a free member, you will not make any money and rightfully so. If you don’t buy any advertising, you shouldn’t share in the profit pool from those who did either!

If you are looking to make more than $10K/month, then you will need to choose another business model.

If you are OK making $10k/month, are patient, not looking to get rich quick, and are willing to click 10 ads per day, then My Paying Ads may be a viable business option for you.


Mike J Anthony
P.S. Don’t be a “do-nothing”.  Put in your measly $5 and start making money as soon as 1 hour.