John Chow Earned $200,000 in 87 Days with MOBE

John Chow, one of MOBE’s millionaire affiliates, has earned over $200,000 in the last 87 days alone for 2017 so far.

On March 28, 2017, John had a $10,000 day for 1 sale!

Check out his Facebook post:

I see sales like these all the time from newbies and veterans alike.

Are John Chow’s commissions typical? Hell no!

But are they possible? Hell yes!  He just proved it once again!














Here is how he is doing it:


Here is the system based around John Chow’s personal brand:

Nothing Pays Out Like MOBE!

Mike J Anthony

Mike J Anthony and John Chow









Pictured above: Mike J Anthony (L), John Chow (R)

If you listen to the average business owner, you’ll be lead to believe they have some kind of ‘traffic issue.’

They can’t get enough visitors to their webpage… or their list is too small to make a sale… or blah blah blah.

In reality, traffic is NOT their problem. And it’s not yours either!

You live in an age of digital abundance, a wonderland for marketers and business owners alike.

Facebook. Adwords. Bing. Solo Ads. YouTube. Reddit. Instagram. Whatever.

There are literally BILLIONS upon BILLIONS of customers that can be reached in the next 30-minutes through one of the paid traffic sources I listed above.

If that’s the case, how then can you have a traffic problem? 

You might say – “I can’t afford to buy traffic”. If that’s your objection, then you don’t have a traffic problem…you have a CONVERSION problem.

Here’s the deal – when you have a high-converting, high-ticket offer, traffic – and affordability – becomes a no-brainer. Because you know that every dollar you spend on advertising is going to bring you $1.10… $1.30… even $2 back.

You’re literally buying cash at a discount. You can’t afford NOT to advertise. 

But the key here is having an offer that converts well at a high price-point. 

Conversion you get, right? No conversion; no money. But why do you have to promote high-ticket offers?

It’s the math.

When Google Adwords first launched, you would pay as little as 1 cent per click. But nowadays you would be hard pressed to buy a click for less than a $1 (depends on the keywords). Therefore, your advertising costs have multiplied dramatically in just a few short years.

So think about that.  Let’s say you’re paying $2 a click – not a crazy number -and your sales page is converting at 3% (really good). So, out of every 100 people who visit your page, 3 buy straight away. 

100 x $2 PPC = $200 right?

This means to BREAK even, each customer would have to spend $67 for you to break even.

3 x $67 = $203

And that would be if the $67 was pure profit, no product costs, no hosting fees, etc…

That’s a tough-gig.

Now imagine the average customer spent $1,000. Same conversion rate, same cost per click.

3 x $1,000 = $3,000.

You’ve made close to $2,800 in profit. Even taking in 50% in costs, you’re still ahead $1,400.

That’s the math behind internet riches. And why a high-ticket product will win EVERYTIME.

Forget the ‘low hanging fruit’ of $10 ebooks that seem easier to sell. It doesn’t pan out. Focus your time on promoting high-ticket products and your bank account will thank you. Trust me.

Want to get started promoting High-Ticket products THIS WEEK? Check out this brand-new eBook by one of the internet’s leading experts on making a living online…

WIFI MILLIONAIRE: How To Make A Full-Time Income Working Part-Time From Anywhere.

It lays out a clear path for the aspiring entrepreneur to follow and shows you how to start profiting from lucrative, high-ticket affiliate offers in the shortest time possible.

 I can’t recommend it enough. Plus, right now it’s only three bucks.

Check it out here:

Talk soon

Mike J Anthony


Naomi Tamayama Builds Her Business Using Video Marketing and Earns $1,250.00! 

Platinum Consultant Naomi Tamayama has been diligently and consistently building her business over the last few months.  

She has challenged herself to create daily videos and recently earned a spot in the finals of the video contest at the Platinum Mastermind in St. Kitts.

After making a Silver Masterclass sale, we called her to talk about how her business is doing.

Listen to the call here:  >>>>Hear Naomi’s story

In my experiences of trying to make money online, I’ve come across a 4 main things that I found you need in order to start being successful with whatever business you are trying to do online…

I, by no means, have “made it” online, but I have to take note of whats been happening along the way and these are a few of the things I found are absolutely essential to any kind of online business success…

#1) Ability to Succeed

Your business has to have the ability to succeed with it at all. Whether that means selling your first product or generating your first lead, it needs to be able to accomplish that and quickly.  So many people join businesses that have no chance of success right off the bat.  If your business can’t accomplish this basic mission for you, find another.

#2) Easily Duplicatable 

Can you do it again easily or will it take 10 years to make $10,000?  Your business needs to be able to create success for you again and again and it shouldn’t have to take 10 years to do it.  If it does take 10 years to generate $10k, then while it may be a duplicatable system, it’s not an easily duplicatable system.  No one wants to wait 10 years just to make $10k – that’s too long for too little.  Now, don’t confuse this with a “get-rich-quick” scheme but make sure your business has the potential to generate a lot of money fast over and over again!

#3) Maintainable

You need to be able to maintain your business, bar none!  What good is a one-off success if you can’t maintain that success?  You may have just gotten lucky!  Any monies you’ve generated will be gone in no time if you can’t maintain it.  This ties in perfectly with item #2.  If its too hard to duplicate, then you will not be able to maintain it either.

#4) Scalable

Even if your business model allows you to sell a product, is easily duplicatable and maintainable, it doesn’t matter if you’re talking about $25,000/yr.  Most likely, you will still need to keep your day job and that’s not why you got into business in the first place, is it?  Can you scale your business to $50k, $100k, or $1,000,000 or more per year?  Now you have a scalable business as well which will allow you to not need that day job someday.

If your business does not have even 1 of those 4 items listed above then you need to find one that has all 4!  If even one of those is missing, you will not be successful with that business at some point.

Here is one high ticket affiliate program that has all 4 of the items listed above and more…

Watch This Video >>>


MOBE High Ticket Affiliate Products





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~Mike J Anthony



So you still haven’t gone ahead and purchased a credit pack with My Advertising Pays, huh?
That tells me one of a few things:  Either you don’t trust what you’ve seen so far, you don’t trust me, or you still have some questions.
I’ll address all three right now:
I can’t tell you anything with 100% certainty. That’s just life and I know you know that.  Life is about taking chances and taking risks.  But I can tell you this: Nothing ventured, nothing gained!
You can just keep doing what you been doing and getting the same results.  If you are not happy about that then how is it that you even came to be reading this? Something brought you to this point.
Are you telling me that you won’t even take a chance for a measly $60?  Surely you’ve gone out to dinner and spent much more than that, taking a chance on food you did not even know if you’d like.
Give yourself that same opportunity now.  Time is of the essence here.
If you don’t like it, in a few months, you will get your $60 back automatically – if you click on 10 ads per day – and you can walk away without having lost anything.
If you don’t trust me, well…don’t!  My results speak for themselves.The following screen shot was taken just a couple minutes ago as of this email and I just made money while writing this:
 My Advertising Pays Online Advertising
But I am using the advertising platform, I’m clicking 10 ads per day, I’m repurchasing credit packs, and I believe in myself enough to at least give myself the chance to succeed with it.
I don’t know if you’re willing to do any of that.Is not spending $60 worth it to see if you can succeed with this? I don’t think it is and my results absolutely say its NOT!
(I currently have $4272 and growing that says that it would not have been worth it to NOT spend the $55.69 it cost me to buy my first credit pack)
Or are you NOT spending $60 because you are afraid of failure?
Fear of Failure

Fear of Failure

 (I really hope this guy isn’t YOU)
If that’s the case then plan on having a job for the rest of your life – or looking for one –  and putting up with that racket day in and day out – never once having what brought you to this opportunity to begin with.
I think that’s a real shame but I can’t do it for you – and certainly not with the $60 you are apparently afraid of losing.
I think starting in this business for a laughable $60 and working it for 1-2 years is a risk I’d rather take – than KNOWING I have to work for the next 20, 30, 40 years of my life in some job I hate!
You got to believe in yourself that you want more out of life. Its just $50+ dollars (I’ve been saying $60 just to round up) – but not a lot of money for what you can gain!
The TIME that you’re losing thinking about this is worth millions more than the $60 you are so afraid of losing right now. Think about it!
Look, I started with 1 credit pack too. I had $1.12 sitting in my account 16 hours later – that was enough for me.  I bought 29 more 4 days later. Now you see my results above! Enough said! What are YOU going to do? Keep looking around? Its costing you money!
Log in to your back office, set up your VX Gateway or Sold Trust Pay account and buy that first credit pack.  Then click on your 10 ads for the day. When you wake up tomorrow, you will see your account balance growing. Then make your decision from there…
I’d love for you to join me in the Diamond members circle someday, but you will never be there if you won’t even buy your first credit pack…
Mike J Anthony
P.S. You are about to join in a $365+ BILLION industry! Think about how much money that is. Take Your Share NOW!
Online Advertising

My First 90 Days in My Advertising Pays

My Advertising Pays Results – Day 92 (Results Not Typical):


My Advertising Pays Results - Day 92

Disclaimer: Results are not typical but definitely achievable, because I do not know if you will be willing to work your fingers to the bone like I do, clicking on 10 ads for 5-10 minutes per day. I don’t know if you even believe that making money online is fun and that you can do this too. If you’re not opposed to clicking a mouse every day, and don’t mind not referring anyone, then this could be just what you’re looking for.


Mike J Anthony


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