John Chow Earned $200,000 in 87 Days with MOBE

John Chow, one of MOBE’s millionaire affiliates, has earned over $200,000 in the last 87 days alone for 2017 so far.

On March 28, 2017, John had a $10,000 day for 1 sale!

Check out his Facebook post:

I see sales like these all the time from newbies and veterans alike.

Are John Chow’s commissions typical? Hell no!

But are they possible? Hell yes!  He just proved it once again!














Here is how he is doing it:


Here is the system based around John Chow’s personal brand:

Nothing Pays Out Like MOBE!

Mike J Anthony

Mike J Anthony and John Chow









Pictured above: Mike J Anthony (L), John Chow (R)

If you listen to the average business owner, you’ll be lead to believe they have some kind of ‘traffic issue.’

They can’t get enough visitors to their webpage… or their list is too small to make a sale… or blah blah blah.

In reality, traffic is NOT their problem. And it’s not yours either!

You live in an age of digital abundance, a wonderland for marketers and business owners alike.

Facebook. Adwords. Bing. Solo Ads. YouTube. Reddit. Instagram. Whatever.

There are literally BILLIONS upon BILLIONS of customers that can be reached in the next 30-minutes through one of the paid traffic sources I listed above.

If that’s the case, how then can you have a traffic problem? 

You might say – “I can’t afford to buy traffic”. If that’s your objection, then you don’t have a traffic problem…you have a CONVERSION problem.

Here’s the deal – when you have a high-converting, high-ticket offer, traffic – and affordability – becomes a no-brainer. Because you know that every dollar you spend on advertising is going to bring you $1.10… $1.30… even $2 back.

You’re literally buying cash at a discount. You can’t afford NOT to advertise. 

But the key here is having an offer that converts well at a high price-point. 

Conversion you get, right? No conversion; no money. But why do you have to promote high-ticket offers?

It’s the math.

When Google Adwords first launched, you would pay as little as 1 cent per click. But nowadays you would be hard pressed to buy a click for less than a $1 (depends on the keywords). Therefore, your advertising costs have multiplied dramatically in just a few short years.

So think about that.  Let’s say you’re paying $2 a click – not a crazy number -and your sales page is converting at 3% (really good). So, out of every 100 people who visit your page, 3 buy straight away. 

100 x $2 PPC = $200 right?

This means to BREAK even, each customer would have to spend $67 for you to break even.

3 x $67 = $203

And that would be if the $67 was pure profit, no product costs, no hosting fees, etc…

That’s a tough-gig.

Now imagine the average customer spent $1,000. Same conversion rate, same cost per click.

3 x $1,000 = $3,000.

You’ve made close to $2,800 in profit. Even taking in 50% in costs, you’re still ahead $1,400.

That’s the math behind internet riches. And why a high-ticket product will win EVERYTIME.

Forget the ‘low hanging fruit’ of $10 ebooks that seem easier to sell. It doesn’t pan out. Focus your time on promoting high-ticket products and your bank account will thank you. Trust me.

Want to get started promoting High-Ticket products THIS WEEK? Check out this brand-new eBook by one of the internet’s leading experts on making a living online…

WIFI MILLIONAIRE: How To Make A Full-Time Income Working Part-Time From Anywhere.

It lays out a clear path for the aspiring entrepreneur to follow and shows you how to start profiting from lucrative, high-ticket affiliate offers in the shortest time possible.

 I can’t recommend it enough. Plus, right now it’s only three bucks.

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Talk soon

Mike J Anthony


Naomi Tamayama Builds Her Business Using Video Marketing and Earns $1,250.00! 

Platinum Consultant Naomi Tamayama has been diligently and consistently building her business over the last few months.  

She has challenged herself to create daily videos and recently earned a spot in the finals of the video contest at the Platinum Mastermind in St. Kitts.

After making a Silver Masterclass sale, we called her to talk about how her business is doing.

Listen to the call here:  >>>>Hear Naomi’s story

Amazon to Hit $100 Billion in Sales in 2015Amazon has recently announced a $50 tablet, is now offering same-day shipping in 14 cities with Prime Now, and is giving more benefits than ever to Amazon Prime members (including six months of free access to The Washington Post).

Why does all this matter to you?

Well, if you want to build a business, you better look at Amazon.

This year, Amazon is well on pace to do over $100 billion in revenue. If it does, it will be the only e-commerce company to hit this milestone.

In the first half of this year, Amazon produced $34.2 billion in sales, a 10.4% growth over the first half of last year, 2014.

To estimate the full-year revenue for 2015, let’s assume that Amazon grows in the second half of the year at the same rate it grew from 2013 to 2014 (the last two full years). Comparing the second half of 2013 to the second half of 2014, Amazon grew a whopping 36%.

If Amazon’s growth for the second half of this year is the same (and it could be more), Amazon’s total revenue for 2015 will come in around $113 billion.

That will represent growth of more than 20% from 2014 to 2015. This pace is HUGE for a company the size of Amazon and highlights the undeniable trend that’s driving Amazon’s incredible growth — people want to buy everything from one place.

I know I don’t want to hunt around on 15 different online stores to buy what I need. I want everything readily accessible, all in one place online that I can easily buy from and move on with my life. And I know a lot of people feel the same way I do. This is why Amazon is on such a relentless growth path, and has been for the past decade.

The most exciting aspect of this growth is what’s happening outside the USA.

Here’s a snapshot of some of Amazon’s international e-commerce platforms and the estimated revenue they’ll produce assuming Amazon hits the calculated $113 billion in 2015:

  • Germany = 14% ($15.8B)
  • UK = 10% ($11.3B)
  • Japan = 9% ($10.2B)

I remember living in France and how horrible shopping online was (including on However, that was three and a half years ago and now it’s much better, largely thanks to Amazon’s investment in its international platforms.

There is a gold rush happening internationally.

For the first time ever, shopping online is becoming extremely easy for many countries. Amazon is investing billions of dollars to make sure it’s the leading e-commerce platform in as many countries as possible.

As an entrepreneur, this is incredibly exciting! To encourage people who sell on Amazon to expand their product base to other countries, Amazon has started unifying (combining) multiple seller platforms.


Ready for Azon Arbitrage Secret?


In my experiences of trying to make money online, I’ve come across a 4 main things that I found you need in order to start being successful with whatever business you are trying to do online…

I, by no means, have “made it” online, but I have to take note of whats been happening along the way and these are a few of the things I found are absolutely essential to any kind of online business success…

#1) Ability to Succeed

Your business has to have the ability to succeed with it at all. Whether that means selling your first product or generating your first lead, it needs to be able to accomplish that and quickly.  So many people join businesses that have no chance of success right off the bat.  If your business can’t accomplish this basic mission for you, find another.

#2) Easily Duplicatable 

Can you do it again easily or will it take 10 years to make $10,000?  Your business needs to be able to create success for you again and again and it shouldn’t have to take 10 years to do it.  If it does take 10 years to generate $10k, then while it may be a duplicatable system, it’s not an easily duplicatable system.  No one wants to wait 10 years just to make $10k – that’s too long for too little.  Now, don’t confuse this with a “get-rich-quick” scheme but make sure your business has the potential to generate a lot of money fast over and over again!

#3) Maintainable

You need to be able to maintain your business, bar none!  What good is a one-off success if you can’t maintain that success?  You may have just gotten lucky!  Any monies you’ve generated will be gone in no time if you can’t maintain it.  This ties in perfectly with item #2.  If its too hard to duplicate, then you will not be able to maintain it either.

#4) Scalable

Even if your business model allows you to sell a product, is easily duplicatable and maintainable, it doesn’t matter if you’re talking about $25,000/yr.  Most likely, you will still need to keep your day job and that’s not why you got into business in the first place, is it?  Can you scale your business to $50k, $100k, or $1,000,000 or more per year?  Now you have a scalable business as well which will allow you to not need that day job someday.

If your business does not have even 1 of those 4 items listed above then you need to find one that has all 4!  If even one of those is missing, you will not be successful with that business at some point.

Here is one high ticket affiliate program that has all 4 of the items listed above and more…

Watch This Video >>>


MOBE High Ticket Affiliate Products





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~Mike J Anthony



I touched on this before but it bears repeating as I recently came across a formerly active member (and a personal referral) of My Advertising Pays (MAP) who has a fearful and negative mind frame when it comes to his personal success.

This person, who I will call “Dave” (This is not his real name but I changed it for anonymity purposes), was excited when he first learned about MAP.  He was looking for an online business where he could be successful with a limited marketing skillset.

So I showed him the MAP business model and he joined and even bought a few credit packs, and was excited about making money for the first time ever.

But, after about 2 weeks, he came across a website that thrives on negativity about MAP, and many other businesses and people.  Whether true or untrue, this website thrives on stirring up controversy and obviously uses this method to generate unique content to rise in the search results of Google. Ingenious really, but it lacks morals.

The True Culprit: Fear of Failure

Anyway, the information on this site (mis-information, actually) was enough to make him change his mind and immediately consider MAP a scam, ponzi scheme, etc.  He then proceeded to try to explain to me why MAP was a “ponzi” scheme while at the same time, confusing a ponzi with a legitimate referral program which MAP actually uses.

Fear of Failure


Mind you, Dave is someone who has never made any money online before, telling someone who has made tens of thousands of dollars online, all the reasons, which he thinks he’s just learned, of why MAP is a scam!

So, Rather than go and look up the actual definitions of these terms he was now attempting to throw around, as I suggested, Dave decided to believe misinformation and outright lies that he read online somewhere with no verification whatsoever.

There was no explaining any truth about anything to him anymore.  I tried a little bit longer but then gave up, seeing how he just sank right back into his negative mind from which he was so accustomed.

This very sad willingness to fore-go the truth and believe anything someone says in opposition to your dreams is nothing more than a mind operating on fear and negativity.

You see, Dave had already told himself that he could not succeed. He never understood the MAP business model, nor sought out how it actually works from the company itself and others who actually know, and figured it “must” be some sort of phlegm-flam. 

I don’t know why some people think this business is “too good to be true”.  There is nothing shady or experimental about it.  It’s simply online advertising.  Even billionaire Sheldon Adelson built a fortune running vending machines and selling newspaper ads before he became a casino mogul.

Instead of selling newspaper ads, MAP is selling online ads.  A very old and proven business model, this selling advertising thing.  Yet this was apparently too much for Dave.  Had Dave done the proper research, he would have found no reason to fear it so.

If You Search For Negativity, You Will Find It

So Dave went searching for information online that would confirm his negative, fearful mindset.  Of course, he found exactly what he was looking for and promptly turned on his own dreams of succeeding online overnight.If you look for the bad in others, you will find it

To make matters worse, Dave, being very inexperienced, also tried to explain to an experienced marketer his new found misinformation.  A perfect example of how misery loves company.  The negative and fearful always try to drag you down to their wavelengths with them. I refused to go.

When you have a mind that operates on fear and negativity, it is much easier to believe negative things you read online that will only crush your dreams and put you back where you were before: on the road to nowhere!

All kinds of negative things and even death threats have been hurled at many very success people and companies including: Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, McDonald’s Corp., and on and on…

Yet it did not stop a single one of them from becoming the best at what they do!

These are the sort of forces that successful people must battle on a continuous basis. 

It takes COURAGE to be successful. 

It takes courage to buck the trend of fear and negativity that come from all directions in the form of friends, family, co-workers and colleagues, websites, TV, news, etc, etc…

Most people don’t show up for their own lives.  The point of this post is to remind you to show up and be courageous as you will be in a battle for your own personal growth and success.

This is why developing a positive, fearless personal mindset is so important.  Even though ‘My Advertising Pays‘ is a simple business model, any kind of success with it, or with anything else, will elude you if you do not believe that you can succeed to begin with, like our friend Dave.

Tragically, Dave is going to have this problem with anything he may attempt unless he changes that mindset from one of fear and negativity to one of positive belief and courage to succeed.

It is much too easy to fall back into things we are used to such as: job/employee mind-frame, negative friends and family, talking down on others who are trying to make something of themselves, calling everything you see a scam even though you don’t know the first thing about it, etc, etc…

Don’t become a Dave and operate in fear and negativity. You must be courageous in the face of adversity as it will surely come.  Success does not come easy. It takes a fearless mindset to be successful.

Are you going to be a “Dave” and cower in fear with tail tucked between your legs when adversity hits or are you going to grab your own success by the horns and make it do your bidding? I sincerely hope you choose the latter.

To help you along, please visit the M.A.P Success Library in your back offices on a daily basis.  If you are not a MAP member yet, CLICK HERE to join and then you will be able to access the Success Library too.


“If you have belief in yourself and stick to it, there’s nothing you can’t do” ~Michael Strahan

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~Mike J Anthony

“Wont stop trying for change”

My Advertising Pays



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