I just wanted to send you this recent experience from someone who had to withdraw some money due to unexpected needs.

He wasn’t planning on withdrawing any money until he reached 1200 credit packs but he needed the money for an unforeseen situation – something we can all relate to…

But what if he did not have MAP as a go-to emergency source?

Here is the link to his Facebook post.  Why don’t you go and give him a Like?


If you’re not a member of the above group, send me a friend request at https://facebook.com/mic510 and I will add you.

Now, a personal update: I am currently trying to get to the Sapphire level of 300 credit packs and am currently on 278 – so…in lieu of credit packs expiring, I should get there early next month. (Results not typical – I work my fingers to the bone clicking on 10 ads per day for 10 minutes per day!)

Overall, me and my team (which also includes some of YOU receiving this email) have generated over $42,000 in front line advertising sales thus far! Way to go guys/gals!  And most of you don’t even have any online sales experience whatsoever –  HAHAHA! Amazing!

*If you have not bought your first credit pack, login to your back office and buy your first today.*

Lets get that sales number over $100,000 in 2016!

If you are one of those without a credit pack, please know that you could have already gotten paid while reading this email – but not if you don’t have any credit packs!  (My account went up by another $3 just while creating this email)

I am unable to make a video for you guys being that I am currently traveling for the day job. But as soon as I get back, I will make a current update video for ya!


In Other News: MAP is about to celebrate its 2 year Anniversary. The party is going to be in Germany on Dec. 13th, 2015. If you’re in the area, hit me up and I will get you the event link.  Stay tuned for more info on this…

If you still need to join our team, CLICK HERE




~Mike J Anthony
“Won’t Stop Trying for Change”


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