I love ‘My Advertising Pays‘ speaking strictly from an experienced “been-there-done-that” internet marketer who didn’t make it big with all the traditional ways people say to do it, and have even been scammed from time to time, which is nothing new to experienced marketers.


As I’m sure you’ve noticed, there are a lot of very cynical people out there on the internet who are looking for a business strategy that works and that they can be proud of.  Most successful and non-successful marketing “experts” constantly give the same advice which takes a very long time and is usually unsuccessful for most people trying it – I mean they always tell you to get an affiliate product, put up a site, learn SEO, domains, etc, etc..


Its not bad advice per se, but I, for one, did all that and though I learned a lot, yes, I still had nothing to show for it after many years and tens of thousands of dollars spent.  Its no where near as easy as some make it seem and its time consuming as hell, and then it might all go away someday no matter what you do, because Google changed something.


So, I’d forget all that if it were me doing it all over again.


The My Advertising Pays Business Model


I am now buying advertising packs, or credit packs, for $50 and getting back $60 for each one in a few months. So it does take some initial investment (what doesn’t?) but I’d rather spend my time there.  Because I know I am getting the money back.  This is not like placing Solo Ads or Facebook PPC where that money is gone for good, whether or not your campaign was successful.


Most people do not know how to do these things and will fail – Even if you set up an affiliate site, you will still need to advertise and get traffic to it right? Why not sell it to others and still get paid to do it? This online advertising is exactly how Facebook and Google created billionaires!


So with My Advertising Pays, you can make your first ~$1 in your account in the next 24 hours – because it starts to earn every 20 minutes.  I actually get paid 72 times per day as long as I keep it active in the profit share by clicking 10 ads per day. That’s my sole requirement at that point. No selling or sponsoring required.


For example, if you buy 1 credit pack at $50 ($55.69 including transaction fees), then you will start to see it earn money from profit sharing of all the advertising being bought by others in the My Advertising Pays private advertising network, of which there are over 107,000 members now and growing….


My Advertising Pays Business ModelYou won’t get anywhere with 1 credit pack but at least you’ll see how it works. When I saw this, the light went on and I bought 29 more credit packs.  Then I bought the next 8 with the earnings those credit packs are generating and I will keep doing this until I purchase the max of 1200 credit packs. 


This strategy might take me a year but its well worth it if I am withdrawing $700-$1200 per DAY at that time!  That’s what other members have reported earning who have reached that level.  (Results not typical. See earnings disclaimer at http://myadvertisingpays.com/income.pdf)


Plus, I get to use those advertising credits for getting traffic to my other offers and such. Now that’s time well spent. This traffic is going out to the other members who are also business people, entrepreneurs, and interested in making money and marketing. Its a built-in “buyers list” if you will.


This is all I would do if I was just starting out in the internet marketing world.  This particular program has only been around since Dec. 2013 so its still new and growing, which means more money coming into the pot for everyone. Back in Nov. 2014, there were only 60,000 members so its almost double that now.


Where to Find Out More About My Advertising Pays


You can go here to get this business model further explained to you:  http://admoneymadness.com

Also, Check out this recorded live My Advertising Pays Top Millionaire hangout here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7VPoW0Ki54M


This is absolutely something I do not have to chase anyone around for, does not require anyone to purchase or join for me to make money, therefore I am more willing to let people know about this because it does not rely on anyone “joining” my business for me to make money. I make it regardless now and its one thing I love about My Advertising Pays among other things…
My Advertising Pays
Email me with any questions..


Mike J Anthony
Email: mic0510@gmail.com

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