Becoming a MOBE Titanium Member – My Final Bank Trip

Becoming a MOBE Titanium Member – My Final Bank Trip

In my last article, entitled “Taking a Stab at My Top Tier Business – Part 2“, I talked about how I couldn’t get my old bank to get an international wire to Australia due to their lame excuse.

My state has recently instituted more stringent rules on making international bank wires which are more restrictive than they should be.  Its almost as if they are in control of your money and not you.  That’s why I am looking more and more into Bitcoin earning programs.

But I digress.  I am now happily able to report that after 2 trips to my branch which is an hour away, I was finally able to make the wire transfer for my MOBE Titanium membership

It actually took me longer to transfer the money than it took me to get the money.  I never thought that was going to happen!

The first time I thought I was going to get it done, they told me I was missing a phone number. So I had to come back the following business day which was last Monday. 

Funny enough, when I finally got it through, no one asked me for a phone number.  I hope those of you doing it that way won’t have the same issues I did.

Now that that’s out of the way, I can focus on obtaining MOBE Platinum Membership, which I won’t be going through my bank for, so that should be a much easier process.  Then I will finally be positioned for one of the top commission structures available.

Now, I wait for the final promotion to my new position…


Mike J Anthony
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