BIG CHANGES In Online Marketing Which Affect You…

BIG CHANGES In Online Marketing Which Affect You…

Ignore this at your own risk.

As Bob Dylan croons…

“The times they are a-changin’.”

There are still new and abundant opportunities online, but the wild west days are over.

You can’t put an ad up and get sales for a few cents per click.

You can’t “SEO” a website in a few hours and expect a flood of traffic and sales.

Everything is more pro level now.

Competition is more fierce.

Ad costs are on the rise.

So, what room is left for the little guy to make a nice living online?

Marc Andreessen says it well…

And he knows a little bit about the internet and seizing changing times.

Just one of the many things he has done is co-found Netscape, which later sold to AOL for $4.2 billion.

He was recently asked that if he could say one thing, and put it up on a billboard anywhere, what would he say?

He said, “RAISE PRICES.”


He says this is because the number one reason companies (and us) struggle is they are not charging enough for their products.

And here is the huge takeaway I want you to “get” right now…

“They don’t charge enough for their product to be able to afford the sales and marketing required to actually get anybody to buy it.”

Boom, there it is!

The answer to making online work for us?

Be able to have large enough profit margins so you can afford the sales and marketing, which again, are going up, up, up online.

And you MUST have sales and marketing to be able to run a lifestyle-friendly biz set to run on near autopilot.

Making sense?

It’s really as simple as that.

Ad costs go up.

So your profit potential needs to go up.

That’s why it’s a must to be able to sell high ticket offers on the backend of whatever else you’re selling up front.

If you’re only able to earn up to $47 to $197 per customer, then you’re very limited.

There’s too little wiggle room there between what it costs you to get the customer, and the profit potential you can make.

But if you can earn $2K, $5k, $10K per customer on the backend, see how that opens things up for you to afford more to get these customers and sales?


1. Spend $200 and make up to $10,000.
2. Spend $200 and make up to $197.


I hope you get that, and that this sinks in??

It’s super important things to ponder on for a minute or three.



Mike J Anthony

P.S. These are big changes, but you can ride the wave of opportunity, rather than sinking with the crowd that doesn’t get this.



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