Carolina Millan: What Is the Laptop Lifestyle System?

Carolina Millan: What Is the Laptop Lifestyle System?

Laptop Lifestyle System

The Laptop Lifestyle System is an online marketing system that Carolina Millan, an online entrepreneur and MOBE Diamond Consultant, uses to create a 6-figure per year income online.


A little over a year ago, there was a something called The Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle created by a Jeff Lerner.  This is NOT the same one.  It still pops up on Google searches so when you are doing your research, don’t make the mistake of confusing that one with this one.


There are actually several older products with variations on this name, such as: My Laptop Lifestyle and Internet Laptop Lifestyle. None of these is the same thing as this one so just wanted to clarify that up front.


This Laptop Lifestyle System is marketed around Carolina Millan and is brand new.  Carolina is a MOBE (My Online Business Education) Diamond Consultant from Chile. 


MOBE is the parent company that offers small business education and training products, ebooks, and live conference training events in exotic locations around the world.


MOBE has thousands of consultants worldwide that sell these online education and training products and the business licenses for others to own the rights to sell these products created by MOBE.


Imagine you want to own a McDonald’s franchise. McDonald’s created all the systems behind selling those burgers, fries, shakes, etc, etc, right?


You can sell these products, too, but you need to own the rights to do so. The way to do that is to purchase the legal rights to sell their products through a McDonald’s franchise of your own.  You would then become a partner in the company, or a franchisee.


Of course, you will need upwards of $2.5 million dollars and want to be in the restaurant business, but it is a proven business model.  MOBE does the same thing but they do it with online products.


In order to sell MOBE products, one must purchase an online franchise business license.  It will cost you a lot less then a McDonald’s franchise and you will own an online franchise of your own. You’d become a MOBE partner, or what MOBE calls a “Consultant”.


MOBE has several levels of business licenses from the Silver/Gold beginner license, to Titanium, Platinum, and then the top Diamond-level license, which offers the highest commissions the company pays out to its partners, or consultants.  


Depending on which business license one owns, they will have the right to be called a “Consultant” for the specific business license owned, hence the name “Diamond Consultant”.


Carolina MillanCarolina Millan is a rights holder of the top level Diamond license that MOBE offers and has created a 6-figure income with it.  She has positioned herself to enjoy the highest commissions the company offers.


Creating a 6-figure income with MOBE can be done many ways, so the Laptop Lifestyle System featuring Carolina Millan is centered around the way she personally did it!


This Laptop Lifestyle System (LLS) is based around what Carolina Millan was able to achieve with MOBE.


Carolina now makes up to six times more than the average salary in her home country of Chile.


Why the Laptop Lifestyle System?


According to Carolina: It’s the FREEDOM that this “Laptop Income” provides her, month after month, year after year: (Over $700k the last five years.)


*No more fighting traffic to get to the j-o-b.
*No more asking permission to take a “sick day.”
*No more waking to a blaring alarm clock M-F.
*No more living for the weekends.
*(If you’re a guy, maybe it’s no more shaving!)




Instead of investing in a 9-to-5 job, she gets to invest in experiences like…


…Swimming with the dolphins in the Bahamas, ziplining in Costa Rica, hugging koalas, and petting kangaroos in Australia.  She gets to tour castles in France, and follow her favorite band (Muse) around the world…


The KEY breakthrough Carolina discovered, was when she started applying a specific type of leverage to her business and life.


She now focuses mostly on one simple daily task. That’s it.  This “lever” does nearly all the rest of the heavy lifting FOR HER and she gets paid every time the lever lifts out new sales.


By using this system yourself, you’ll be getting paid every two weeks, like clockwork, just like Carolina and many others are right now…


Sales up to $1,250, $3,300, $5,500 and even $10,000 or more per customer!


Now you likely won’t make $10,000 your first month with this.  Yet, as you’re following these same steps Carolina uses, the #1 goal will be to get your first $1,000 commission check headed your way over the next 30 days!


You just need to be willing to follow the Step-by-Step process laid out for you after you click on the link and start.


From there, you’ll be using this Laptop Lifestyle System‘s “Lever” again and again, till you’re at $10,000 per month, and living the lifestyle you desire and deserve, separate from, and independent of, the wage slave employment system, just like Carolina Millan now does.


Which “system” will you choose? The “hope-to-find-employment financial system” or the Laptop Lifestyle System?

You in?


===> [YES!] I’m ready for the Laptop Lifestyle System!



Mike J Anthony

P.S. As soon as you’re logged-in and have gone through Step 1 today… you’ll know more about how to make $10,000 per month while living an amazing lifestyle, than 99% of the population will ever know.





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