Huge New Crypto Auto Trading Opportunity

Huge New Crypto Auto Trading Opportunity



Its been a long time but I have now confirmed a trade through this HUGE new trading platform, so it is working beautifully!

In my personal opinion (not financial advice), I believe a new crypto/Bitcoin bull market is just around the corner, so expect things to get exciting for the near future!!

I’ve signed up for a new software/service called ICANAutoTrade.

It’s an “artificial intelligence” trading platform for cryptocurrency.

The nutshell here is: you’ll be able to have A.I. algorithms make trades for you, bit by bit, to gradually grow your crypto wallet..Automatically. 

I can’t speak directly about return rates but this company’s initial rounds of testing showed results beyond impressive. Shocking really!

Right now, ICANAutoTrade is now taking signups. We’ve waited a long time for the bugs to be ironed out and the platform was actually re-developed to make it even easier and more fluid for users.

The cost to lease the platform as a Full Active Member is $99.95 per month.

Referring Members can earn a commission just by letting others know about this. You’ll earn $50 for the first month for anyone who you refer that becomes a Full Member, AND a continuous $30 every month IN PERPETUITY for as long as that referral remains a Full Member!

And they WILL remain a Full Member because they will be making money! Unless they simply don’t like or want money and cancel…

That $30 monthly, by itself, can add up very quickly, and that’s not even considering the actual auto-trading software!

Only Full Members will be able to earn commissions by letting others know about ICANAutoTrade!

Once you register (you should do this right now at the link below), you’ll get access to your back office, and upcoming training videos, earnings reports, and news as well as your unique marketing link.

Once you’re registered, make sure to go through the verification process to get your account fully activated. (It can take up to twenty minutes for the email to hit your inbox, but make sure to check your spam, junk, and trash folders!)

This is shaping up to be really huge and WILL go viral!!!

If you decide to go ahead and purchase the Trading Client, which is also NOW OPEN, you’ll be able to start getting your trading algorithm setup asap!

So make sure the folks you invite to this are put into the ICANAutoTrade database under YOUR Referral ID, and not someone else’s!

Here’s the Registration link:

Talk soon!

Mike J Anthony

Remember… $30 recurring monthly commissions per referred member can add up nicely.


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