MTTB: A Real Business or Short Term Income Strategy?

MTTB: A Real Business or Short Term Income Strategy?

Unfortunately, most people who think they are looking for a real business are really only looking for short term income strategies…but most people don’t know it.

What Is a Short Term Income Strategy?

This can be some program or any way of making quick money that is not sustainable.  Many of these “strategies” either do not work at all or may work for a short period of time.

Case in point, I used to make $1000+/mo using Adsense. Until Google slapped everyone’s websites.  This was a quick way of making good money.  A lot of people made $1 Million+ with this, but this method belonged to Google and it was not to last.

Some extraordinary people still do make great money with Adsense, to be honest, but many average people who used to make great money no longer do…including me.

What Is a Real Business?

A real business is long term, sustainable, and owned by you.  It takes longer to get started than a short term strategy or opportunity usually, but the long term income is worth the slower start.

A real business is not subject to Google shenanigans who can take it away whenever they feel like it.

There can be a strong learning curve with a real business but you don’t have to go it alone either.  You can either buy a franchise or partner with someone who already has a real business in place.

This last method of owning a real business, partnering with someone, is what I am most interested in because it is cheap and quicker to get started, just like a short term income strategy, yet you still have a real business with long term, sustainable income growth potential.

The following business opportunity offers a 21-step program to getting you started on your way to owning a real business and all the benefits that eventually comes with it.

If you are looking for just a quick way to make money for the short term, which may or may not work tomorrow, or at all, this is NOT for you.

Those of you looking for a real sustainable way to generate income over the long term, without a very high cost of entry or long learning curve, and are coachable – will really want to take a look at this…

Learn more about how you can get started quickly with a real business of your own right here


P.S.  A wise man once said:

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re probably right…”

All it takes is making a decision, and then putting in the effort. If you are at a point in your life where enough is enough, and you’re ready to make a change, get started HERE.


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Mike J Anthony

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