Read This If Youre Still Skeptical of the MOBE Business Model…

Read This If Youre Still Skeptical of the MOBE Business Model…

Some of you may be a little skeptical, possibly because you have tried and failed to have any kind of success online for years, am I right or am I right?

I also have been trying and failing online for many years. I believe this is the business model I should have been following all along. I tried so many things and other business models that this is the cause of failure in itself.  But I learned that I liked affiliate marketing best and went back to a tried and true business model like this one


Fear of FailureFor instance, I used to be an Amazon affiliate. Well I still am, but I don’t actively promote Amazon products anymore because of the low commissions.  I sold 2 $5,000 HDTVs through Amazon and my commission was $200 each. Well that is only 4% commission. 


With this business model, I would have made 50-90% commission for the same amount of work. I used to be afraid of high-ticket items, but now I realize that’s what I really should be selling. We have low and high ticket products to sell and all we have to do is drive traffic and generate leads and there is a professional phone sales team that does the selling for you.  That’s another thing I love with this program.


We also have private Facebook groups for each license level you may become a member of. So we also have communities where you can interact with other members doing the same exact thing you are and who have been through the same things.  I can tell you that everyone, including Diamond members, have failed online for years before coming into this model. 


This is a real business so you don’t make money overnight, but you can succeed if you want to.  There are many members that prove that everyday. Members like Scott Smith.  You should understand that you need to advertise (so many people do not understand this) so I don’t see any reason why you wouldn’t be successful finally. 


You just need a proven business model to stick to no matter how tough the going gets.  I believe that’s where I made my biggest mistakes in jumping from program to program. 


To me, I am simply going back to the tried and true. The product doesn’t really matter. You just need a high converting sales funnel to send people to and high-ticket items to offer the right audience on the back-end and you will be successful.  Then the sales team takes over after you generate the leads so you don’t have to do the actual selling.


I recommend you start at the $49 level and go through the 21 steps to learn all about the business model and licenses with your assigned coach.  You will get to the steps which ask you to purchase a license (Step 6, I believe) but you do not have to purchase anything to complete the steps.  Just read and watch everything you’re asked to and move on to the next step with your coach. 


After you’re finished, If you like what you see, you can get started, purchase a license if you want, and start promoting. If not, you can request a refund of the $49 and part as friends.


If you’re anything like me, I was very excited and, having a lot of previous experience online and failures, I knew this is where I wanted to be and I purchased an MLR license right away, and then a Titanium and Platinum license about a month later. My goal is to work my way up to Diamond level.


Also, there are new products that are created which you will have access to as soon as they come out, as a licensed member. There are several new things that just came out that license members get for free, forever…and more are coming!


That’s friggin awesome!


The products are great too. Everything we market are all small business online training-related type products and, of course, the business licenses and conferences. That’s why its also called My Online Business Education (MOBE) – with a focus on education for small business owners!


I personally attended the Titanium conference in September 2014 in the Bahamas for 5 days. That is included in the fees you pay for that business licenses. All of this is also a tax right-off for business purposes.  Every license level has their own conference in some exotic location, where you get to meet the creator of the program, Matt Lloyd. 


The last Platinum conference was in Malaysia.  My traffic coach, who is a Diamond level (which you will be assigned one too if you hang with us) just came from a Diamond conference in Mexico and she said several great things are coming out that she cant talk about yet – lol. 


Also, the professional phone sales team are all 6 and 7-figure earners who are doing the sales for you once you generate the leads.  You will see all that when you go through the steps.


So that’s what I recommend you do next – pay the $49 to look at everything – then see if you want to be a part of that.


Here’s where to fill out the $49 application –> CLICK HERE


Talk soon,

~Mike J Anthony

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