Tony Rush: Why the 8 Hour Workday Will Keep You Broke

Tony Rush: Why the 8 Hour Workday Will Keep You Broke

I had to share this video by Tony Rush of Why the 8 Hour Workday Will Keep You Broke.  This topic bears a lot of thought because, isn’t having a job one of the things most people are “trained” to do since childhood?  Have you ever asked yourself why?

Tony Rush - Why the 8 Hour Workday Will Keep You BrokeIf you want to get rich, you have to disconnect this idea that your bank account has anything to do with time – because it doesn’t.

 ~Tony Rush

The average person slaves away at a job for 8 hours everyday and it doesn’t even take that long to do it, most likely.  Maybe some days, but every darn day?  That’s just evil.


That’s why entrepreneurs, like Tony Rush, get rich while only working a couple hours a day or a week.  The rich actually make more money by doing less, while the average person makes less by doing more.  Which group do you want to be in?  Rich or wage slave?


So you said, “the Rich”, huh?  Do you really?  Or are you just fantasizing about it like most people do – playing the lottery every week hoping your ship will come in?


If you’re serious, and you seriously want a change and want your life back, the Rookie Profit System can help you join the ranks of people who are in the top 4% of income earners.


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