Ways to Make Money Online Selling High Ticket Items

Ways to Make Money Online Selling High Ticket Items

If you are looking for ways to make money online selling high ticket items, then you can do no better than to follow Ray Kroc’s wisdom. 

We all know that Mr. Kroc is the founder of McDonald’s corporation, but you may not know that Mr. Kroc was already in the high ticket items business when he was conceiving his business plan.

When Ray Kroc started building the McDonald’s empire in 1956, he never thought of himself as being in the hamburger business.

Ways to Make Money Online Selling High Ticket Items To him, it was not the hamburgers which were his product, it was the systems he created that would sell the hamburgers.

These systems (or what you might call the ‘business blueprint’) consisted of detailed procedures, duplicatable processes, and accompanying training that made running the McDonalds business as easy as possible.

That doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed success with a McDonalds franchise, but it does mean you have a much higher likelihood of succeeding than if you try to start a hamburger business yourself from scratch.

Today, if you want to buy a McDonalds, you’re looking at an investment of close to $2.5m or more, depending on where it’s located.

And so far, a lot of people have bought in.

Did you know there’s over 36,500 McDonalds outlets around the world today?  (at close to $2.5m each, you do the math on that)

Many are in America, but they’re also all over Asia, Europe, Australia…in over 100 countries.

In fact, the famous Golden arches logo is more recognized across the planet than the symbol of Christ!

When you think about it, McDonalds as a company, is in the low-ticket AND the high-ticket items business.

Hamburgers are their low-ticket items while franchises themselves are their high-ticket items, which enable an owner to sell everything the McDonalds corporation has available to sell.

Each time McD’s sells a franchise unit, they’re bringing in close to 7 figures.

In the online marketing world, you can also be in the high-ticket items business, as this has already proven to be just as great a way to make money online as it has been offline.

And you should be in the high ticket items business too. 

It’s far easier to find a few high-paying customers to create an annual 6 figure per year income, than trying to sell dirt cheap products for $10 or less to the masses.

Personally, I’d rather make $10,000 from making one sale online, instead of trying to find 1,000 people who will pay $10 for an ebook for the same amount of money.

Now, is it harder to get a $10,000 sale than a $10 sale? 

Of course it is.

But is it 1,000 times harder?  

Not even close.

As long as you have the right system and training in place, getting paid up to $10,000 on each deal you do is very doable.

And if you’d like to learn how, watch this video: 

>>> http://track.mobetrack.com/SHUE8

Once you get started, you‘ll be assigned your own personal coach who’ll show you everything you need to know.

This is, by far, one the the best ways to make money online selling high ticket items.

Talk soon,

Mike J Anthony
Email: mic0510@gmail.com

Ways to Make Money Selling High Ticket Items

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