About Me

About Me

Hello. Welcome to my blog.  As you might have guessed, my name is Mike J Anthony.  Its a pleasure to have you here!

I am from Atlantic City, NJ area.  I have a background in computer engineering and have always had an interest in computers and how to turn $1 into $2. I am also interested in music, such as playing drums and guitar, computer games, reading, movies, history, personal finance and business, real estate, and cooking. I have a certification in commercial and gourmet foods so I love good food, and have been working on eating more healthier, real foods, not the processed junk that’s so common today!

When I tried to earn my first dollar online, back in 2004-ish, it was an eye-opening experience.  In 2006, I joined a popular internet marketing forum called the Warrior Forum, where I am still a member.  So now I say that I officially became an “internet marketer” in that year of 2006.

Even though I am very comfortable and familiar online, I have never been able to make that job-killing income I’ve heard so much about.  I have tried all kinds of things under the sun and have to admit that I obtained what they call Shiny Object Syndrome.  I like buying stuff online but none of it has helped me get further financially.

I also wanted to do everything on my own and hide behind my computer, because I thought that would be perfect for someone like me! I found out that I was badly mistaken and have since come out of my shell, so to speak. That’s why this blog exists now.

I support myself by maintaining a full time job in computer engineering for the aviation field, but I still know that the way to truly “retire” is not with a job, but by figuring out how to earn a living venturing into other opportunities. I know I was meant for more than just going to a cubicle job every day.

How about you?

These days, I am using mentors, successful people, systems, and business communities, who I trust to help me, and join me, in navigating this goal of achieving financial independence online because I believe it can be done.

I’ve increased my financial education and knowledge about how corrupt and fraudulent our current financial system really is.  I’ve voted against this system with investments in gold, silver, Bitcoin and other blockchain-related assets.

So this has become a journey for me and I invite you to come along.  I want us all to become financially free.

I hope that you will be one of my new financially free friends, both online and in person.  Help me put an end to financial slavery and poverty for those who are closest to us, our friends and families.  The way we do that is by education, sharing knowledge, and taking action!

MikeJAnthony.com is my online blog and personal journey to create an extra income for myself and also help others do the same.  Join me on my journey to live the life we’ve always wanted and achieve financial independence…

That’s what this journey is all about. I hope that you will join me.


Mike J Anthony


The fact that incomes for the top 1 percent of Americans continues to soar year after year, after adjusting for inflation, while everyone else continue to flounder.

According to a May 29, 2019 Forbes article:

In 2018, the richest 10% held 70% of total household wealth, up from 60% in 1989. The share funneled to the top 1%’ jumped to 32% last year from 23% in 1989.

“The increase in the wealth share of the top 10% came at the expense of households in the 50th to 90th percentiles of the wealth distribution,” the paper said.

Their share dropped to 29% from over the same period. The bottom 50% saw essentially zero net gains in wealth over those 30 years, driving their already meager share of total wealth down to just 1% from 4%.

Did you read that? All income for the middle and lower classes sank to the lowest on record and falling still! This really ticks me off.

From Forbes Richest World’s billionaires List 2024

There are now more billionaires than ever: 2,781 in all, 141 more than last year and 26 more than the record set in 2021. They’re richer than ever, worth $14.2 trillion in aggregate, up by $2 trillion from 2023 and $1.1 trillion above the previous record, also set in 2021. Two-thirds of the list’s members are worth more than a year ago; only one fourth are poorer. Much of the gains come from the top 20, who added a combined $700 billion in wealth since 2023, and from the U.S., which now boasts a record 813 billionaires worth a combined $5.7 trillion.

I believe that, as long as there is plenty, poverty is evil.
Robert F. Kennedy


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  1. I am very grateful for your article. I was just getting ready to purchase!!!! Thanks for saving me from yet another scam.
    I am happy to share with you anything I have learned over my 8 years on the net. I have some really great programs if you would like to know about them.
    Send your reply to nmerry.angels@gmail.com.

  2. Mike, “internet marketing” is a nice mellow sounding title, but if your desire is the “job quitting” income, you’re going to have to pivot to Network Marketing. Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki and Richard Branson all have said the network marketing business is the perfect business model and if they were ever staring over it wiould be in network marketing. The key word is networking. That means you have to talk one on one, either face to face or over the phone. Then, and only then will you realize the financial future you’re dreaming of.

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