Using Blockchain Technology to Build An Empire

Using Blockchain Technology to Build An Empire

If you have any interest in Crypto and Blockchain technology at all, then this may be of great interest to you!

As you know, the Blockchain isn’t going anywhere!

I recently joined a ground-breaking group of visionaries who are purchasing software-based blockchain nodes in the most exciting and necessary fields in existence.

These “Nodes” are software that support each network it represents, help secure the network, and earns you daily digital rewards as the networks grow.

Blockchain Projects Developed In-House

Nodes are available to support fields like a new Revo Ridesharing project (think Uber/Lyft), Grow (which supports farmers and tracking your food from source to table), Video Conferencing (think Zoom but where members get rewards for holding and attending meetings), Element (digitizes gold, silver, and other rare earth minerals), Galvan (earns digital rewards for health and wellness), and several more…

For example: one project called Switch, which is a bridge between Traditional Finance and Decentralized Finance (DeFi), and has a Switch Card available, has nodes currently available for $9,050. The prices move higher over time as people purchase them.

I sure would love to have one of those Switch nodes for myself.

The Switch project (Financial Services) is headed by Kathy Roberts who was formerly President of Discover Bank from 2000-2006 (you know, the bank behind Discover Card. One and the same!).

These people are no joke!

Some of these nodes just launched so are on a special price point right now but not for long. The highest some of these nodes will go for is $25,000 each.

The WIN Blockchain node, normally sells for $2000 each, currently has a $1500 discount on up to 5 WIN nodes and only 5 WIN nodes! So basically, you could purchase 5 WIN nodes for just $2500, which would normally cost $10,000.  This obviously won’t last forever…

If I could afford it, I’d buy atleast 1 of every single node they offer in addition to 5 WIN nodes!

Connect Pioneer Billy Womack Turns $15K Into $10 Million with Nodes

In around 2018, Billy Womack bought some nodes for Gala Games and a few others with $15K. Everyone in his circle thought it was a silly idea at the time but his “investment” turned into $10 Million. 

These Gala Games nodes are no longer available but still paying current owners. Even if they were available, you’d have to fork over $100K for just one node! Just so you understand, Billy paid $1000 per Gala node when most thought there were no good prospects for the project!

(Yes, Billy is still involved with our group right now and he still owns and helps get setup available nodes to LOTS of peeps! He does Zoom meetings: I was just on a meeting where I seen his back office, so I seen how many he is selling today! Hint: Billy clears $400K PER MONTH!)

Blockchain Nodes Have Been Around Since Bitcoin in 2009

I actually owned a physical Bitcoin mining node back in 2013 but, because I didn’t know any better and Bitcoin went down for a whole year while I was paying $200 in hosting costs per month, I sold it back in 2014. I thought I was being prudent at the time, but it turned out to be the dumbest move I ever made!

I paid $4000 for that Bitcoin node back then. Today, it would be worth atleast $150K or more for the same exact one!

If I had only kept that node, through Bitcoin’s nasty downturn in 2014, I would not have had to worry about money ever again and you wouldn’t be reading this message – LOL.  But…who knew?!  

Seriously though, that’s the kind of thing that can happen with these things (no guarantees, of course). You just never know…

That’s the thing, though. You have to buy and hold on to it when there is no expectation of anything going on because that’s when it’s cheapest.

I saw this one pic of Billy Womack (pictured below) leaning on the front of his $300K Bentley and the caption said: “I Took The Chances Everybody Else Was Too Afraid To Take.”  I think that sums it up nicely and I remembered it.  That Bentley is the perfect representation of all the chances that others would not take!

Big Business Is Pouring Billions of Dollars into Blockchain Technology

I don’t think I need to tell you folks that businesses, big and small, are pouring billions into Blockchain technology!

You do not need to own these nodes in order to share them. But you do need to own atleast 1 WIN node to earn commissions. Perhaps you know someone else interested in nodes like these? All you need is a free Connect account.

How to Participate in the Blockchain Revolution

Connect is a software blockchain development company. They do not issue or sell any crypto tokens. They build valuable brands and connect them to the blockchain, where we (yes, YOU) have the option to own the associated software-based nodes that Connect creates and develops.

I can tell you, these nodes are selling like hotcakes and they will be unaffordable for most in the near future, so that’s why I am telling you NOW!

The licenses are LIFETIME once you buy one, except the WIN node, which is annual. This is how you OWN part of the Blockchain folks!

You already know the Blockchain is not going anywhere, so you might as well buy a piece of the Blockchains you are most interested in and, if you decide to also build a personal network by sharing, you’ll earn a piece of every node on your network as well!

Anyway, I’m sure you want to know more about deploying nodes on the blockchain so check out this short Connect United 5 Minute Explainer Video.

How to Join Connect United

You can become part of our Connect United community and share these nodes with others, even without purchasing a node, though that’s not a good idea because you will forfeit commissions that way. Create a Connect United account HERE.

You can also Click Here to Learn More About Connect United.

I hope to see some of you in the Connect United family!

If you are really starved for more info, then let me introduce you to my partner Tony Swantek, who purchased $54 Million worth of software nodes with connect United in this 90 min meeting here: Tony Swantek: Connect United Pioneer

Also, see my Personal Video on buying software nodes — How To Own Blockchain Properties (Nodes)


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