What Is Your “WHY”?

Hey, Mike here…

I need you to really think about what your “WHY” is…why is it that you want to make more money or start a successful online business?

For me, I have to consider, from time to time, WHY I do what I do…WHY I want the things I want…

Do you know that most of us don’t know what our “WHY” is until we reach deep down within ourselves and ask from a heartfelt, spiritual, and subconscious level?

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “I know what I want”, probably. But most of us only “think” we know what we want…Let me explain…

​​We all want more money, time, freedom, etc, etc…right? But did you ever really, I mean REALLY, ask yourself WHY you want those things? Chances are, you have not.

I know I did not until I attended an online​​ marketing event in Austin, TX.  There was this guy on stage talking and he suddenly made all of ​us in the audience close our eyes.

Then he kept asking us WHY we wanted these things…​the extra time, money, freedom, etc, etc…​

…until we got mad at him! But he didn’t stop asking…

The rest of the audience was calling out the same type of things you’d expect…”freedom”, “more time with family”, “more money”, “more time with my kids”, etc, etc…

They were actually reaching for different answers but it was still all the same surface level stuff…

“WHY DO YOU KEEP ASKING ME ‘WHY’, FOR GOODNESS SAKE?”, my mind finally screamed back!

But then, something truly magical, even what I like to call “spiritual” happened. 

Power of Belief

You see, after I thought I had used up all my answers…

…after I was pissed off from ​that guy who kept asking, “…And why do you want that? What would THAT do for you that you don’t already have?”, after every surface layer answer I gave, which was only 3 by the way – more money, time, freedom…

I ran out of answers after that…but the dude kept asking that same question over and over again…

…and what would THAT get you that you don’t already have?“, again and again…

…after I thought I had no more and my mind was blank, and I was now very pissed off, 

The guy on stage pushed for still more…

Now, I was standing up, with everyone else, ready to curse the guy’s very being when, finally, it hit me…

It hit me so hard I had to sit down and wipe sudden tears from my eyes…

There was also crying in the audience as they started to “transform” their thoughts into what their “WHY”s really were too! I’ve never experienced anything like it, truthfully.

I started to hear the audience’s responses transform into deeper, more meaningful things than they were calling out in the beginning of the exercise.

Finally, out of the darkness and blankness of my mind, a new answer came to ME…

​It floored me and I never even thought about it before​ now.

THEN, You want to know what the guy said next, to the whole audience?

He said, “You know that feeling that you got, after finally peeling through all the stuff we think we want, that feeling that brought tears to your eyes?

THAT is your WHY!”

I watched 4,000 people transform before my very eyes at that moment!

As I’m writing this message now, I have goosebumps, and I am wiping away tears. That’s how powerful knowing what your WHY is!

…because we all struggle
…because we all get frustrated
…because we all know we were meant for something greater, but are not doing it, or living it

The real reason I write messages and send out emails to you is not because I just want to take something material from you, like money.  It’s not because I want to talk you into something you don’t need.

I’m writing you because if you only realize what your WHY is, then we can help each other and you will work that much harder on what is really important to you.

Listen, I’m not sitting back at some beach resort sipping mai-tais. I work a full-time job that I honestly do not enjoy.

And you know what? I am going to keep reaching for what I want out of life, come Hell or high water. I won’t stop trying for positive change!

Knowing what your WHY is will help you out a lot, as it is helping me. I found a mentor, actually several now, that are helping me get what I want out of life, not what someone else wants, i.e. your boss. I am talking about people who are helping me achieve my WHY…

I call these people the MOBE Community, and am very proud to be a part of this group, because we all help each other achieve personal and financial prosperity. (Click here to find out more about MOBE)

Is it going to be a tough road? Hell yea – soul searching is always tough – but that’s what makes it great. It’s not the end result that’s important. It’s the process involved that truly grows a person from the inside out.

And I am not alone in this journey. I am NOT alone!

​Watch this video for a presentation of what we in the MOBE Community do to provide a better life for those important to us…
==> http://track.mobetrack.com/SHNEc

Feel free to email me as well. My email is mic0510@gmail.com.

And I hope to be able to help you achieve your true WHY, as that helps me make my life matter as well…

~Mike J Anthony
“Won’t Stop Trying for Change”

Pictured Above: MOBE CEO Matt Lloyd (L), Mike J Anthony (R)

If you listen to the average business owner, you’ll be lead to believe they have some kind of ‘traffic issue.’

They can’t get enough visitors to their webpage… or their list is too small to make a sale… or blah blah blah.

In reality, traffic is NOT their problem. And it’s not yours either!

You live in an age of digital abundance, a wonderland for marketers and business owners alike.

Facebook. Adwords. Bing. Solo Ads. YouTube. Reddit. Instagram. Whatever.

There are literally BILLIONS upon BILLIONS of customers that can be reached in the next 30-minutes through one of the paid traffic sources I listed above.

If that’s the case, how then can you have a traffic problem? 

You might say – “I can’t afford to buy traffic”. If that’s your objection, then you don’t have a traffic problem…you have a CONVERSION problem.

Here’s the deal – when you have a high-converting, high-ticket offer, traffic – and affordability – becomes a no-brainer. Because you know that every dollar you spend on advertising is going to bring you $1.10… $1.30… even $2 back.

You’re literally buying cash at a discount. You can’t afford NOT to advertise. 

But the key here is having an offer that converts well at a high price-point. 

Conversion you get, right? No conversion; no money. But why do you have to promote high-ticket offers?

It’s the math.

When Google Adwords first launched, you would pay as little as 1 cent per click. But nowadays you would be hard pressed to buy a click for less than a $1 (depends on the keywords). Therefore, your advertising costs have multiplied dramatically in just a few short years.

So think about that.  Let’s say you’re paying $2 a click – not a crazy number -and your sales page is converting at 3% (really good). So, out of every 100 people who visit your page, 3 buy straight away. 

100 x $2 PPC = $200 right?

This means to BREAK even, each customer would have to spend $67 for you to break even.

3 x $67 = $203

And that would be if the $67 was pure profit, no product costs, no hosting fees, etc…

That’s a tough-gig.

Now imagine the average customer spent $1,000. Same conversion rate, same cost per click.

3 x $1,000 = $3,000.

You’ve made close to $2,800 in profit. Even taking in 50% in costs, you’re still ahead $1,400.

That’s the math behind internet riches. And why a high-ticket product will win EVERYTIME.

Forget the ‘low hanging fruit’ of $10 ebooks that seem easier to sell. It doesn’t pan out. Focus your time on promoting high-ticket products and your bank account will thank you. Trust me.

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Talk soon

Mike J Anthony


Naomi Tamayama Builds Her Business Using Video Marketing and Earns $1,250.00! 

Platinum Consultant Naomi Tamayama has been diligently and consistently building her business over the last few months.  

She has challenged herself to create daily videos and recently earned a spot in the finals of the video contest at the Platinum Mastermind in St. Kitts.

After making a Silver Masterclass sale, we called her to talk about how her business is doing.

Listen to the call here:  >>>>Hear Naomi’s story

The 14th of January, 2014 was a very significant day in MOBE’s history.


It was the day that a team of 5 entrepreneurs (under the company name ‘Redshift Digital Marketing’) decided to bring their talents to MOBE as affiliate partners, and start promoting our products and live events.


They’ve been promoting for just a little over 9 months… and, have generated over $2,000,000 in commissions ($2,065,226 to be exact) since.


Averaged out, that’s just shy of $230,000 a month.


And just so there’s no misunderstandings, that’s commissions in their pocket (not gross sales).


After coming on board, they quickly stormed onto the scene at MOBE and were winning many of our monthly affiliate contests.


Within their first 4 months in the business, Redshift cracked the $1 Million Dollar mark, becoming the first official Million Dollar affiliate account.


Recently they received their Million Dollar Ring, which you’ll see at the end of this video:

MOBE Rings Presentation: 100k Club and 1M Club

So who is Redshift? Are they some large agency or publishing company?


Interestingly enough, Redshift is just a group of regular guys who have a passion for building home based businesses.


Although they go by their company name, they really are just like you and me, regular everyday people.


Read the entire article here…


Darren Salkeld

Darren Salkeld and wife at the MOBE Titanium Mastermind 2014 In the Bahamas

P.S.  When you are ready to begin your own journey marketing MOBE products for high-ticket commissions ($1,000, $3,000 and $5,000), you can get started HERE.


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