How to Choose the Right Business Opportunity

How to Choose the Right Business Opportunity

I want to teach you about choosing the right business opportunity because it will make a big difference if you make a little or a lot.


choosing-the-right-business-opportunityLately I’ve been seeing a lot of comments on blogs, Facebook comments, and forums about how “so and so program” is a scam.


For a second, I thought to myself these companies and marketers must be some real douche bags…….but then it struck me. 


These people haven’t been scammed……they think they’ve been scammed.


I’ve bought well over $50,000 + in training courses online and I add to that monthly to expand my knowledge.  I can count on one finger how many times I would consider something a scam or a loss.


Sure there is plenty of junk in the market place, but if I can even just pull one tip from it that I can apply to my business then I consider it a win.


So……why do so many people say programs are a scam?


To me it was obvious they were simply making the same mistake most people make over and over again.


They were following what I like to call the money trail.


They were pursuing money, and not pursuing a business they were passionate about.


Back when I was a young whipper snapper (wait I’m still young) I was a virgin to the market and I was buying every single course I could get my hands on.


List building, network marketing, internet marketing, affiliate marketing, twitter marketing, (I don’t even know how to use twitter like that), Facebook marketing… name it, I’ve bought it.


I kept buying course after course and rationalizing to myself the next one would be the winner.  That next course would change the game for me.


But……sadly it never did ;(


I snoozed, I lost, and I got no cigar.


This is what most people do, and they simply buy stuff out of emotion and let their emotions get involved.


The crazy things we will do for money, eh?


Well when I started to rebuild my business the 2nd time around I decided to build a business I love and not just a business that will make me money.


For me that was a business that I could sign people up daily, a business that allowed me to spend more time with my family and a business that I could automate.


Did it ever occur to you to seek out a business you will love and not just in the pursuit of money?


So let me share with you a few things you may want to look for when choosing a good business.


Choosing the Right Business


How do you want to get signups?


For me I wanted to find the easiest barrier to entry. I wanted a system that does more of the work for me so I can focus on traffic and relationship building, and I wanted something I can scale fast like Ricky Bobby.


How fast do you want to earn income?


For me, everything I do is about speed. I wanted a program that allows me to make big amounts of money very fast.  So for me, that meant something with high ticket commissions and less customers.


Less customers = less headaches and less stress trying to signup lots of people.


Can you put your name on the product?


I needed something I could believe in.

I needed something I could put my name on front and back 110%.

I needed something I knew would get me results, get my followers results.

I needed something where I’ve seen the vision and it just makes sense.


Most people get caught up in the best comp plans, how long a company has been around, and who the top leaders are.  I don’t care about any of that.  I want to know if it meets all the requirements above and that’s why…


===> I picked this company which has paid out over $103 Million to its partners.


Don’t get so caught up in things that don’t matter.


Find a business opportunity you love, one you believe in, and give it Hell – and stay the course and you will start seeing your life change.


My Top Tier Business changed how I thought about marketing and allowed me to scale my income because I switched up everything I do to go after the things that actually matter.


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