Join the Helium Mining Network

Join the Helium Mining Network

Money From Thin Air – Join & Earn A Piece of the Network!

Yes it is true. This system offers you the opportunity to literally make
money from thin air. Everyone, everywhere, needs to get in on this

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This is a fully international opportunity.

It is a small hub mining machine that plugs into your wall socket and
mines Helium tokens, while at the same time operates as a hotspot for
wireless internet connections. This truly is money from thin air.

There is a shipping/ownership cost of $500 for your miner!

The current value of HNT (Helium) is about $35.00 per coin. So, with
your free mining machine that you simply plug into a wall socket, if it
mines you 125 HNTs, it would have generated $4,375.00 for doing
nothing! However, the predicted value of the HNT token by the end of
the year is $52.00!  (No guarantees, of course!)

In June of 2020, HNT was at less than $.30! So…You can do your own math!

I can’t possibly explain how rare and short lived this opportunity to get
FREE equipment will be. I am 1,000% serious when I say you have so
much to gain (possibly life changing income for some of you!) with
ZERO risk!

Please sign up and get your Hot Spot reserved. If you do nothing else,
do this…  

You do not have to recruit, but….For those of you who choose to recruit,
the sky’s the limit.

This has the potential to create a six figure
passive income with little out of pocket costs.

Right now they are delivering units to five areas: USA, Canada, Australia,
the UK and EU countries. People living outside of those countries can and
should join as they can share this information with people they know in the
above countries.

You and they will get paid as machines go online. Even
though you don’t have a hotspot of your own as yet.    
They send you the small device, you plug into a wall outlet in your home,
business, or apartment. Right now, there is a long waiting list. That is why
you need to reserve your hotspot so that no one else can take your spot in
your area.

It has an antenna and this device mines a crypto currency known as HNT (or
Helium). This has NOTHING to do with investing in any crypto currencies
or even knowing anything about crypto!
Their system is set up to pay you in

US dollars every two weeks (but they are switching to weekly soon), and they
have a debit card where you will be able to convert your Tokens to cash.

In summary, once you reserve and receive your little box/miner, you plug it in and that’s
it. There is literally nothing left to do other than collect your HNT tokens
and let iHub Global convert your mined HNT tokens into dollars for you!

A miner uses about the same amount of electricity as a 5W LED light bulb.

Step 1 – Join here >>>

You will receive a message with the subject “Welcome to iHub!”
Step 2 – Choose “RESERVE A HOTSPOT” from the menu in
your back office, complete the form and click on “RESERVE

Step 3 – Click on the “DASHBOARD” link and scroll down to
see the details about the Zoom presentations which are held
every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at 9 PM EST. There is
also a link  to listen to past recordings.

Step 4 – Although there is no need to recruit others there is a
huge incentive to do so. Why wouldn’t you share this amazing
no risk program with your family, friends and associates?

I look forward to welcoming you to iHubGlobal!

~Mike J Anthony

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