5 Do’s and Dont’s For Your Online Business in 2018

5 Do’s and Dont’s For Your Online Business in 2018

5 Dos and Donts For Your Online Business in 2018The following comes from a person who has spent over 25 years in the online e-biz market and has made many millions in this business.

His name is Chris Malta and his well-documented experience may well help you if you would like to make a full-time living online…


1. DON’T: Ask how much money you can make, and how quickly.

DO: Realize that a business, whether online or offline, is not a race to the cash. It’s a slow, steady progression to bigger and better things every day.

I get people asking me all the time how fast they can get to making a certain amount of money per week, month or year. They all have a money goal in mind, and most want it to happen yesterday. They all want to do everything all at once, make a pile of money right now, and then sit back and spend it. It doesn’t work that way, but nobody wants to hear that.

This is not a race. Don’t treat it like one. Virtually all of the people I’ve seen really succeed online take the time to move slowly and methodically toward their goals.

To paraphrase a truly great quote from JFK: “Ask not what your Online Business can do for you. Ask what you can do for your Online Business!”


2. DON’T: Expect to hire people to do your day to day Online Business work for you right from the start.

DO: Make sure you learn every job in your Online Business before you turn it over to someone else.

People who learn and understand are people who make money. People who whine about not wanting to learn and do the hard stuff themselves had better show up to work at the day job on time every day, because they’re going to need that day job.


3. DON’T: Make your Online Business more complicated just because you know how to.

DO: Build your Online Business on existing platforms that already work well.

In Online Business, I see this happening most often with people who know something about web programming. It seems like everyone who can write a few lines of code wants to create the entire web site, including the shopping cart, shipping and taxation functions, etc., from scratch.

This is a very bad idea. There are already some very good integrated Ecommerce platforms out there that work well if you learn how to use them.

I’m NOT talking about those ridiculous “biz in a box” and “easy site builder” pieces of junk. Those things exist for one reason only: to make you think that owning a business is easy, so they can take your money for nothing.

Use an existing integrated platform, but understand how to use it yourself.


4. DON’T: Ask what the fastest and easiest way to build an online business is.

DO: Ask what the most effective way to build your online business is.

Business isn’t simple or easy. Anybody who tells you that is lying to you, plain and simple. It requires time, dedication and a commitment to learning.

I see people all the time who are looking to do things the fastest and easiest way possible. As far as I’m concerned, that’s just either misguided or lazy, although most of the time it’s just misguided. There are plenty of very expensive, unscrupulous so-called “gurus” out there who hang out in the bushes just waiting to jump out and ‘misguide’ you.

People who look for fast and easy are fooling themselves and wasting their time and money. Looking for the fastest and easiest way, instead of the most effective way, is simply the fastest and easiest way to the point of failure.


5. DON’T: Try to re-invent the wheel. The existing design rolls downhill just fine.

DO: Learn, practice and master the basics of online business first.

Start where everyone else starts, only different. If you want this to actually work instead of just wasting your time and money, dedicate yourself to really understanding every phase of your business as you build.

If you feel the burning desire to get fancy and build some massive online concept site, wait until you understand how business really works before you roll your wheel off that particular cliff. Chances are that understanding will save you from a long fall.

People who go off on these complex tangents seem to think that sites like eBay, Amazon, Shop.com and many other big concepts were started in somebody’s garage and went on to make fortunes. They weren’t.

These complex ideas required years of combined business experience from many people and millions of dollars in capitalization for development, programming and marketing.

Stick to and learn the basics. The basics are complicated enough, and if you don’t get those figured out, you don’t have a chance at the complex.

All these things above and more beg the question “Where do I learn how to do all of the things I need to know if I don’t know how to do them yet?

You can’t go to the Fake Gurus; they’ll end up hitting you for tens of thousands of dollars and leave you with a boatload of “useless”.

You can’t use the Instant Sites, Tools, and “Amazing Wealth Systems” because that’s the people in the bushes and a boatload of “useless”, remember?

People who build real, effective businesses and make a full time income online learn from those who really have done it before them.



Mike J Anthony



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