Understanding Which Content Assets Earn The Most Links

Understanding Which Content Assets Earn The Most Links

As more and more competitors fill every niche in search engines, building a credible and authoritative presence is more important than ever. Even in relatively small niches, the competition can be stiff: small businesses, local brands and casual bloggers must work hard to be visible in search results.

One way in which websites can both improve their search engine visibility and garner more traffic independently of that is through earning links. These backlinks help drive more people to your website and give search engines an indicator that your domain can be trusted.

As such, we’ll look today at which forms of content are the best choices for earning links and growing your traffic.


Arguably one of the biggest generators of backlinks for websites large and small is the infographic. This form of content excels because it often accumulates a large amount of information and transforms it into an easy-to-understand visual piece of art.

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