Arbitrage Suite Review: My Personal Experience

Arbitrage Suite Review: My Personal Experience

Arbitrage Suite is a software product I decided to try, over a year before this review was written, because it seemed liked “the answer” to automatically listing Amazon products by the hundreds or thousands, at least according to their sales webinar.

I spent $2997 for their “Pro” package, which was supposed to place orders for me, and quickly realized I made a huge mistake. Actually, I can’t believe these jokers are still selling this product and has even raised the price to $5k, I’m hearing these days. I’ve also heard that they’ve rebranded this product as Klixco now too.

The following is my personal experience Arbitrage Suite review.

First off, using automated software of any kind for drop shipping on Amazon is against Amazon’s Terms of Service. Amazon is the main platform Arbitrage Suite uses to sell products and Walmart is their target vendor, and the one used for examples in their sales webinars.

If Amazon finds out you are using software like this on their platform, they will immediate ban your sellers account. So that is really all you need to know right there!

I’d be happy to keep anyone else from using this Arbitrage Suite (AS) software, as I am no longer a member and have no problems telling the public what these people are really like.

Problems, Problems, Problems…

I had nothing but problems with AS from day 1, and Dax, the main Support guy, is a straight up a-hole! His attitude alone would have prevented me from buying it if I had known he was such an a-hole! He yells and scolds people in the Arbitrage Suite FB group, bans people from the group if you don’t say that everything is rosey and you’re making a lot of money, and tells everyone that everything is their fault when they are having issues.

I persisted thinking that I could “make this work” and I was also looking forward to extra income received from cashback sites like Top Cashback. Then, I found a bug with their software right away when I used Target, the store vendor, to place an order.

The software sent out 5 duplicate orders before I caught the problem, and would have kept sending them out if I didn’t stop it myself. I got a hold of Bill, the other Support guy and the nicer of the 2, about the problem. (Sidenote: Bill does not appear to be involved with the newer Klixco scam – so looks like 1 of them got smart, at least.)

He told me to report it to their development people via a support ticket, and advised me not to use Target because they have problems with them, and also because they close accounts, although my issue was apparently a new issue altogether.

I never got my money back which was wasted, thanks to their software, which was not user error! Dax says that everything is 99.9% user error, not the software.

That was only one of the problems. It went downhill from there. Walmart started to block every order that came through the Arbitrage Suite system. Dax tells you to call them 1000 times if you have to.

I ended up speaking to a Walmart exec on the phone, after several attempts to contact them. They then asked me if I was a reseller. I said, “Yes”. Dax and Bill tell you NOT to reveal that you are a reseller (hmmm, I wonder why?), but after calling Walmart many times and them looking at my account, they can tell whats going on.

They said, nicely, that I was in violation of their terms of service. That’s why the orders do not go through. I looked at Walmart’s terms and, indeed, Arbitrage Suite violates 2 points specifically as follows:

“You shall not…

  • Use the Walmart Sites for any commercial purpose, or for any purpose that is fraudulent or otherwise tortious or unlawful.
  • Use any robot, spider, site search/retrieval application or other manual or automatic device to retrieve, index, “scrape,” “data mine” or otherwise gather any Materials, or reproduce or circumvent the navigational structure or presentation of the Walmart Sites, without Walmart’s express prior written consent.”

Therefore, AS does not have Walmart’s permission to do what their software does and it is specifically for commercial use. Also, Target does not like it for the same reasons either. The AS system never had Overstock working at the time, but it is illegal there too.

Customer Service Issues

My belief, and I was told by Bill at the time, that they were working on a way to scrape from Overstock, but it was harder for them to do that there. It does not matter anyway because this software is also in violation at Overstock as well.

That’s why the people over at Arbitrage Suite literally tell you not to tell any of the vendors that you are a reseller, because they know it is illegal and that they will ban your account. Of course, they never tell you this during their sales webinars.

Unlike several others, I have not had my Amazon banned because I never got any products sold through there, except 1, before Walmart started banning my orders themselves. All of these things happened in the first couple of weeks of me using the Arbitrage Suite software.

I do know that Amazon would have banned my account eventually, if I was ever able to use it successfully, which I was not. Amazon and Walmart do know about this Arbitrage Suite now, so if they find anyone using it, they will ban accounts. It is actually against all vendors terms of service.

I was also told that I had to list 1000s of products in order to make any real money. That’s something else they fail to mention in their webinars. This is far from “automatic” like they have you believe. After you’ve purchased, they tell you, and you will find out, that you need to babysit each and every listing, because you find that something always goes wrong. So whats automated about that?

Again, that is not mentioned in their webinars. Dax will tell you that “over 400 people are happily using the software” and therefore its not a problem. But it is very much a problem and misrepresention. If and when those people get caught, Amazon and/or Walmart, etc will shut down their accounts too.

I personally told Walmart whats going on with the Arbitrage Suite people after this horrible experience and I know Amazon now knows as well, so I tell people to steer well clear of Arbitrage Suite. It was not nearly worth the $3000 I paid for 3 months.

They also had a basic $197/mo option. I bought the 3-month $3000 “Pro” account. If I had only paid the $197 for 1 month, I would have seen all these problems and not been on the hook for all that money, not to mention the additional $268 I lost because of that Target duplicate order bug in their software, which Dax didn’t think they had. I ended up giving purchased products away because of it. If it was fixed, it was only because I complained!

No-Refund Policy On Policy Violations

After all these issues, I opened a Support ticket for a refund, no longer caring about their “no refund” policy when the software doesn’t do what they advertise, and was told to contact Dax directly. So I did. When I was complaining to Dax about all my issues and that I wanted a refund, the first thing he said was, “There are no refunds, you know that!Then he said, there are “no problems with the software, only solutions!“.

Yet I found out that Walmart, Amazon, Target, Overstock, and all the rest do not agree with that. I continued to have problems after reporting my issues and its because it is against everyone’s terms of service, especially Walmart, who they use as an example in their sales webinars. Walmart can limit your account as they see fit when they see several orders coming from the same address and, in my case, they did!

I guess some people can get away with this for awhile but I wasn’t one of them, so I quit before Amazon shut down my account too. When I went back into the Arbitrage Suite app to request cancellation of any further charges to my credit card, they did cancel that. Now, this was a few weeks before I was scheduled for another payment to go out, since I had paid for 3 months upfront already.

Banned from the Arbitrage Suite Facebook Group

On the day they cancelled future payments, they also cancelled my access to the software completely, on the SAME DAY, and I was never able to access the app again, even though I was pre-paid for 3 months. Dax also had already banned me from the Facebook group when you post anything that he deems as “wrong” or “negative”.

Also, a marketer who goes by the name of Ricky M, who heavily promoted the AS software and made a lot of money from it, said he was going to be using the software along with us in the Arbitrage Suite Facebook group, but he never appeared in the group for over a month at that time.

When I commented that “this seems to be par for the course”, or something along those lines, Dax banned me from the group. Dax is the group admin and he says its for being “negative”, yet he is the most negative person I’ve ever seen, from some of his scoldings of other people within the group. He should ban himself from that group.

But the AS Facebook group was also advertised as part of what you get for the $3k that I paid, which makes it illegal to take away something that you rightfully paid for. My credit card company also agreed with that fact. Ricky M. then came in and had some kind of response comment, which was probably that he was “coming” and was “tied up”, but I couldn’t read it because that’s when I found out I was banned from the group when I tried.

So after all this going on, I then initiated a charge-back through my credit company and explained all my issues to them, all the above, including them prematurely cutting my access to the service and the FB group before the “paid up to” date, what Arbitrage Suite advertises in their sales webinars, etc, including Support tickets of me reporting my issues, their responses, my contact with Walmart and a response from Walmart themselves about their site being for “non-commercial use only”. After all that, I finally received a permanent refund of my $3k.

Less Than Professional Support

I even told my credit card company about how unprofessional Dax acts towards customers who paid $3k+ for his software! Not that it had any effect on my credit card company granting a refund, but I still wanted it to be known how these people are! This is also when I decided to write this review so everyone who reads this can know about these people.

Their support is absolutely horrible and it shows clearly that they only care about money and not about people. They know they are running a scam and they don’t care. They found a way to scam people while making it look like they are providing some kind of service.

Dax’s attitude alone made me even more determined to not let that jerkoff keep one penny of my money. My credit card company asked me to also send documentation of Walmart’s response as they believed that would be the main piece of evidence they needed to get me a full refund.

So I sent them email documentation from the Walmart exec I spoke with too, which talks about their site being used only for non-commercial purposes, which Arbitrage Suite does not use it for, nor do they ever reveal that to you, along with everything else in this review.

The Arbitrage Suite people cannot dispute that their software is against Walmart’s and Amazon’s Terms of Service and I sent proof of exactly that. I received my full refund regardless of what their so-called policy is. When you misrepresent your product, that is illegal…plain and simple, and any “no-refund” policy a scamming company has becomes null and void. That is the law.

The Verdict

This Arbitrage Suite scam should be shut down. Do not use it in any way, shape, or form. You will only place your Amazon and vendor accounts at serious risk of getting banned, as has already happened to several others who have used this software. I personally BAN Dax from everything I even see his name on in the future for promoting and profiting from such schemes, where the vendors themselves do not agree with it, and would tell you not to do it if you call them and ask them about it!

If you don’t want to take my word for it, please call Amazon, Walmart, and any other vendor and ask them about it before you purchase. They will explain to you that it is a violation of their policies. Case closed!

Also watch out for a re-spun product called Klixco, which is simply a rebranding of the same thing being pushed by the same cons. Bill has apparently left those idiots behind. Hopefully, he stays out of the scamming business.

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Mike J Anthony



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18 Replies to “Arbitrage Suite Review: My Personal Experience”

  1. I was one of those idiots who also was duped by this program. But I paid the $5K for the “VIP” level. Their automatic system to charge your credit card caused so many problems. The system kept trying to charge my cards until my bank put a hold on them. I, too, was told that it was something on my end. What a joke – it was definitely their system. I requested that my money be returned but no success. I will NEVER get involved with these people ever again. I hear now that Dax and Bill parted way and Dax is promoting Klixco??? OMG.

    1. AS will never return your money. You need to go through your credit card company and request a refund. Get a hold of Walmart to tell you that the software is against their TOS, which was never disclosed to you, and use it as documentation for the credit card company to process a refund for you.

  2. Thank you so much for this review I was seriously thinking about joining AS as they make it sound so easy yet lucrative.

  3. Last year in 2018, I was so, so close to buy Arbitrage Suite… I did not, but I remember the price was around $5000. Thought it was a great presentation… but I was skeptical about what Dax said about Amazon TOS. Yesterday I received a new email about Klixco. I was happy to see the webinar again! And I had some hopes too! Same thing as last year, only the name changed. While I was watching the webinar… I made a basic research on the net… and I saw your post. Wow! What a story! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I believe your post is true and you confirm what I thought. p.s. I never finish the webinar!

  4. Thanks for posting this with all the details about the unlawful way they do business.
    I was looking at buying into this Klixco program myself. Being a single dad who only works part time, with two small boys to look after, I can ill afford to spend money without doing more research. I have been stung before. I was very dubious about this as it looks to good to be true. I am so happy to have found your review about this scam before signing on the dotted line. I’ll definitely be keeping my credit card details away from them now.

  5. Dax Auraund and Bill Holton and Ricky Mataka are straight up scammers. I was their poster boy for success last year but behind the scenes I was not profitable even after selling 120K a month in products. You will lose in the long run with the shitty software and Dax (AHOLE) not supporting his shitty software that would screw up all the time. He blamed it on user error but in truth it was the hack software developers and Dax just putting band aids on things with the promise of “more stores and more profits” I was able to get almost all my money back from Amex for the Arbitrage Suite so that was a plus but I won’t ever buy a program over the internet again especially the Klixco crap he’s peddling now.

  6. I lost $3k and Dax was always an asshole thinking that people are stupid.
    Really scam company. I lost $3k because of these idiots. I don’t have too much time to take care of this case but this is a really case for go to the court.

  7. Hi everyone… I too lost a ton of money with this scam software. I am looking to start a class action law suit against this company. If you are interested please answer back on here and we can talk more about it.

        1. Justin, it would not make much sense for me as I have already received a full refund. The thing I would be most interested in seeing is them shut down for good, so that no one else is duped into buying their software.

  8. Im definitely interested in a class action. Contact me at my email to discuss. I was Dax and Bill’s poster boy for success that never happened with their system. He needs to get what’s coming to him.

  9. We would need you involved just so we could have proof to go against them and get them shut down. We need as many people as we can get for a class action lawsuit.

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