The Coming Bitcoin and Crypto Asset Price Explosion

The Coming Bitcoin and Crypto Asset Price Explosion

I just noticed a recent price explosion of a certain crypto token called ThoreCoin (THR).

I did some looking and saw that this coin was only talked about by 1 guy on Youtube 9 months ago. Just one!

If you look at how many people talk about Bitcoin and others everyday then you can see why this is so incredible.

At the time, the guy I mentioned above, said that THR’s rank was #712 and priced at around $21.

Now, I’ve been looking at coin rankings for a few years now and I would never have looked back that far.

I pretty much just stick to the top 100 crypto assets.

Now, let me get to the point of why I’m telling you all this…

When this crypto coin went public back in June-Aug 2018, I saw that the company had a promotion going on.

This promotion was that it was willing to give out 2500 tokens, for various ways in “spreading the word” (too bad I never got it), and stated that its value, at the time, was $50,000 for these 2500 tokens. That is $20 each.

So the company itself had priced ThoreCoin at $20 per token last June, and indeed, it was also trading around that much 9 months ago on a single exchange.

Then, with overall crypto asset prices going down throughout the whole entire market, these THR tokens had dropped to $.30 by February 6, 2019.

But that’s not the interesting part…

The interesting part is the total supply of these token is 100,000. That’s 100 THOUSAND, not million. Only 86,600 of these are currently circulating supply.

Most coins in the market have millions and billions of supply.

Even Bitcoin itself has 21,000,000 of total supply, which is considered a low amount.

We’ve seen Bitcoin come within a hair of $20,000 each, even with 21 Million of total supply!

So for a token, where its company priced it to be worth $20 themselves, to go all the way down to just $.30, with a total supply of only 100,000 — well…lets just say I wish I had caught this.

But because its ranking was all the way down in the #700s, I never would have even looked at this. And the rest of the world missed this too.

So, what happened next?

Well, today, only a little over 60 days later, this coin is worth $755, and ranked #84! Yes, from $.30 to $755 in 60 days. Now THAT is a price explosion, my friends!

If you had purchased only $300 worth of THR back on Feb 6th, you’d be sitting on $755,000 today!

But even if you had noticed this, would you have had the courage to buy? Or would you have said, “Naah, the price is going down for a reason so I’ll pass?”

I can tell you with complete confidence that I would have bought, because I was looking for something exactly like this where the price had been higher, and then dropped a lot lower with a small total supply.

THR would have been a boondoggle to my eyes had I seen it. But I completely missed this! I didn’t notice this coin until it had cracked the top 100 and, by then, it was too late!

Though all of the above is only an extreme example, my point of all this is that these things can and DO happen in this market and it will again. But you gotta be there BEFORE it happens, not after!

Though you’d be hard-pressed to find anything this dramatic, without being extremely lucky, this price explosion is going to happen to most crypto assets, including Bitcoin, in the coming months and years.

I now have 2 takeaways from what I just saw happen from this story:

#1) I think the bottom may be in, and the Feb 6-7th, 2019 date, where THR hit $.30, may have been the double bottom from the Dec 15, 2018 low, when the price of Bitcoin hit around $3100.

I was still expecting a retest of this low in the near future but I now also have to consider the fact that this may have already happened! …And –

#2) A price explosion of the entire crypto asset market is on its way, either way!

Whether we get a future retest of the December 2018 lows, or whether it already happened, does not, in any way, change the fact that a new crypto price explosion is on the way in either case!

The only way to profit from the coming price explosion is to have the courage to buy and hold some of these assets right NOW.

My recommendation: Buy Bitcoin/Litecoin and others, at market prices, during this consolidation phase over the next year or so. Don’t worry about selling until Mr. Crypto Market is feeling euphoric again and quoting prices which you will not believe is even happening!

I currently buy Bitcoin and Litecoin using Binance.US and Coinbase ==>




Mike J Anthony


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