Changing Your Mindset from Buyer to Producer

Changing Your Mindset from Buyer to Producer

Here’s an easy question for you…

Who do you think all the big money makers online are?

Buyers/Consumers or Producers/Creators?

If you said ‘Producers/Creators’, you are absolutely 100% correct!

If you are struggling to make money online, and I am right there with ya, then one very important thing is to switch your mindset from a Buyer to a Producer.

Is this easy to do? No…and it rarely even gets talked about, yet it is VERY important.

Most people who get online and want to make money say to themselves, “Right! I’m going to buy all these nice, shiny things that will help me get success!”

Only that is really the lie that is sold to most people.

The reality is: You cannot buy your way to success. You actually have to produce things. 

You simply MUST switch from a mind of a Buyer to one of a Producer.

Next time you see a great product promotion or webinar, don’t ask yourself “How can I buy this?”.  Instead, ask yourself: “How can I sell this?” or “How is he or she selling this?”.

Once this switch in your mind comes, so will your online business switch from buying to producing.

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