Behind-the-Scenes Money Maker for US Residents Only

Behind-the-Scenes Money Maker for US Residents Only


Big US Resident Self Employment Tax Credit (SETC) Program Details (until May 17, 2024):

Here are the details as presented to me by my sponsor for the program.

Because this is a U.S. Government sponsored program (hence the really big money), it is unfortunately only available to U.S. residents.

You may join for free and sell the service only, earning a 40% commission.

However, at the free level you will NOT be involved in the network marketing side – which is a 5-level deep program unlimited width on each level.

If you join the network marketing side of this business, which you absolutely should for maximum benefit, you will then earn revenue on those you sponsor, those they sponsor, etc.

If you sponsor only two people, you qualify as Executive, which entitles you to commissions on all five levels.

Keep in mind, if you join the network marketing side of this business, you earn commissions on up to five levels on both the very modest annual sign up fee of just $299 AND — here’s where it gets very interesting — ALSO on the very big checks being paid out to those who sell the service, SETC (Self Employment Tax Credit).

Underneath the article are the links you need to see, like the ‘join’ link, optional links for more information, and step-by-step sign up instructions:


Eligibility is important because there are many unscrupulous, fraudulent people and tax firms going after this money and charging clients to apply who are not even eligible. If a business receives money who should not, they will trigger an unnecessary audit and have to pay the money back plus interest and fees. Our firm ALWAYS makes sure the business is eligible first before proceeding.

Again, this is real, and it won’t interfere with your current job or business. Just put in a few hours a week (or a day) if and when you want. You can drop off cards or flyers in-person to local businesses, call them, text and email them, send postcards, join the local Chamber, Business Meet Up groups, advertise, etc. Start by calling the business owners you know. Ask friends for referrals.

Keep in mind… you’re not selling them anything. You are simply asking them if you can help them get free money from the US Treasury thru the SETC program!!

TEAM COMMISSIONS and BONUSES… By the way, there is also an optional team referral program… where you can earn a commission on the commissions of those you refer who also give-away this government money. This pays down 5-levels, plus additional bonuses and a company-wide revenue sharing pool. Even though you can get paid on the business you refer to the company (at no cost to you), there is a nominal yearly fee if you want to participate in the 5-level program of $299.

This is a simple business and a fantastic opportunity you really should learn more about, actually… GET INVOLVED WITH!! Why wouldn’t you?


Then, to earn up to 5 levels, plus bonuses, from building a team, make sure to click on the link you’ll see in your back office, which says, “Upgrade to Manager.”


So here are the links you need to see, like the ‘join’ link, optional links for more information, and step-by-step sign up instructions:

1. Join under this link

2. Our team resources page

3. The opportunity overviewPlus near the bottom of the page are Q&A (Questions and Answers) to help you understand this opportunity a little more.

4. Training with Tony, one of the owners, a must see video

Self Employment Tax Credit Training (SETC).

5. Taco Tuesday live zoom trainingEvery Tuesday at 9:00pm Eastern Passcode: 264107
(so you can still catch my training at 7:00pm Eastern, take an hour break, and then jump on this call)

6. Use this email address <> for support from corp, and note there is also a support ticket system in your back office along with a toll free number to call.

Listen, joining this program is a little complicated just because there are some other things going on. To keep it simple when you get to the sign-up form here are your instructions, less than ten steps.

1. See #1 above (1. Join under this link ) to sign up as an Agent (for free). Your sponsor/referral will show as “Michael11447597Anthony”. NOTE: Don’t worry about the “Delivered: Order-Eat-Repeat” information, you are at the right spot. The company also operates a restaurant / food delivery service but, for the purposes of what we are doing here, you can ignore all of that information when you get in your back office. Be sure to print / write down/ or somehow track what information you used to complete the form.

2. During the free Agent sign up, you will be given the option to “Upgrade to Manager”. You can do this right now for a nominal yearly fee of $299 if you want to participate in the 5-level program. OR, if you prefer, just complete the free Agent signup.

3. Once you sign up, you will automatically be logged in to your back office. Now don’t get confused at this point.  As I said, the company also operates a restaurant / food delivery service. Again, you can ignore all of that stuff (unless you want to check it out) when you get in your back office.

Here you have 2 choices:

4. If you wish to remain a free member and receive just the 40% referral fee for signing up your own customers, then you’re done with this process and you can find your link under the “My Referral Links” tab in the left-side menu.

Upgrade to MANAGER
5. If you wish to upgrade to “Manager” (at $299/yr) and didn’t do this through the free sign up, then click on the “Upgrade to Manager” tab in the left-side menu. If for some reason you don’t see it there you can also find this link under your “Profile” tab. Follow the check out process (Add to Cart / Proceed to Checkout). Then…

6. At the Checkout form, currently you will need to “Continue as guest” but be sure to use the SAME EMAIL ADDRESS you used when you signed up for free, and click “Proceed to billing”.

7. Enter your payment information to complete your Manager sign up.

8. Next time you log in to your back office at, you will now see your rank as “Manager.” (You may need to log out / log back in).

9. See the above link (2. Our team resources page ) to learn how to earn two ways… First, getting the SETC opportunity to “businesses,” and Second, “building a team” that will get the SETC to businesses. You should do both.

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