The McDonalds Mindset and Internet Marketing

The McDonalds Mindset and Internet Marketing

Ray Kroc

When it comes to Internet Marketing, I believe you have to apply the “McDonald’s Mindset”.

McDonald’s is one of the most successful corporations on Earth with a proven business model that simply works. I think we can all agree on that.  Even still, many franchise owners still fail even though McDonald’s has set them up in a position to succeed. Why is that?

Its because the franchisor, the business owner of the store, is the one who failed, not the McDonald’s business model.  Who knows why? Maybe they misappropriated funds, or mismanaged the place, or any number of reasons.

And this is after a lengthy process that McDonald’s goes through to vet a potential franchisee. First off, they won’t even talk to you unless you have $500K free and clear in the bank. That’s just to get an appointment to talk!  Compare that to the average “freebie-seeker” online who wants everything for nothing or next to nothing.

Then they send you to Hamburger University for training (Training? Imagine…why any newbie marketer would need such a thing?…), and then do market research on your store’s potential location.  That all has to happen before one shovel is stuck in the ground to build a store.

The Newbie Internet Marketing Mentality

When many new people enter the Internet Marketing arena looking to make money online, they come in with the wrong mentality.  They believe they will make instant riches if they follow this technique or that headline which said they could make $50K tomorrow. 

They also think they don’t have to spend any money and then unknowingly start promoting ponzi schemes, which told them that they do not need any money to make easy money.

It simply doesn’t work like that, but people love to talk themselves into thinking that it does. This is called delusion.

The truth is that there are things that need to be put in place first before you can reach any level of success with Internet Marketing or anything else. 

For example, do you have a domain name, or an auto-responder, or know what a capture page is? Do you even know the purpose of your business?

If not, then you should not be expecting instant results when you have not learned these very basic things which are needed to succeed online. 

Also, are you willing to spend some money? You should be. Remember how McDonald’s wont even talk to you if you don’t have $500K+ in the bank, free and clear?

Adopting the McDonald’s Mindset for Your Internet Marketing Business

McDonald’s does this so their time is not wasted when they know they have a proven 7-figure business model you are getting with a McDonald’s franchise. So, yes, you are going to need to spend some money upfront if you are serious about your business!

Its no different in Internet Marketing. You should be willing to invest in your business, which by default, is an investment in yourself.  YOU are your business! You should be willing to invest as much as humanly possible in it! 

It does not have to be a lot of money, but you do need to spend something because you are not going to get it for free, and success will forever elude you.

In the words of McDonald’s founder, Ray Kroc:

You’re not going to get it free, and you have to take risks.  I don’t mean to be a daredevil, that’s crazy.  But you have to take risks, and in some cases, you must go for broke.  If you believe in something, you’ve got to be in it to the ends of your toes.  Taking reasonable risks is part of the challenge. Its the fun.”

That said, you will need to invest in anything and everything that will make your business a success, and its not a bad idea to get yourself your own domain name for branding purposes.

You will also need to invest in some training to learn about these things from those who have done it successfully already. These things cost money, and quite often, a lot of it.

You will also come to realize that you need something else that without it, is to invite sure failure, and that’s traffic/advertising.  Traffic and advertising, also costs money, and/or time, which is also considered a cost, and it is absolutely necessary as it is the very lifeblood of your business and where your customers will come from.

Lastly, you can also pay someone to do all of these things for you and that will cost even more money.

As you can now hopefully see, all of these things, including managing your expectations from that of your average freebie-seeker, is certainly not free nor will it ever be.

Without a willingness to invest in these things, especially yourself, you should not be trying to make money online or offline as you do not have the necessary McDonald’s Mindset.  That needs to come first!

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~Mike J Anthony



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