Do You Feel That Making Money Online Works for Everyone Else But YOU?

Do You Feel That Making Money Online Works for Everyone Else But YOU?

Fear of Failure

Ever buy a nice new “make money online” product and, after the initial excitement, it all ended up with you making no money at all and even more depressed than before?  

Or maybe you feel like you’ve tried, and tried, and tried some more but, no matter what you do, things don’t seem to work out? 


Or how about this one: You’ve seen all the testimonials of how everyone is succeeding, but when you try it, you cant get nearly the same results.   


Things just seem to work out for everyone else BUT YOU?!  


Ever feel that way?   


I know I have and I still fight that feeling sometimes.


I know I can’t stand when I’ve been working a system or method for awhile and can’t seem to get any traction, but then someone brand new comes along and kills it in no time!


Infuriating, isn’t it?  


If you’ve been in the internet marketing/make money online space for any length of time, you will absolutely experience this at some time or another.  


But its all just an illusion…


Just as much as you going to school, college, and then work everyday for some boss as the key to the American “dream” is an all illusion. 


Instead, when your mind is telling you these things, try to only think of the truth.  


The truth is simply this: Its your mind-frame that makes things happen or keeps them from happening.  


I say all this to draw attention to something that is usually ignored when starting a new business or venture online, and that’s mindset. 


I would say that “mindset” is the most important thing, yet also the most ignored.


You see, your mind plays tricks on you when you are just starting out.   


It says things like: “It wont work out”, “You should just give up and be satisfied with having a job”, “Who do you think you are trying to leave the ranks of the working poor?!”…


Without a good mindset going in, your brain will most definitely trick you into thinking that “things only work out for everyone else but you”.  



Mike J Anthony


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