Georges Multi-Million Dollar Super Funnel Hero System

Georges Multi-Million Dollar Super Funnel Hero System

I want to tell you about this experience I’ve had lately and how I actually came across this online million dollar marketer named George.

George Wickens – Super Funnel Hero

I bought some solo ad traffic from a new source I was trying out. I found their traffic to be a little pricey but worth it. I received high quality clicks after a human review of my offer and landing page. They sent the traffic.  I got what I thought was a very good opt-in rate (it really wasn’t), and no sales.

“Your Offer Is Just Too Darn High”

They asked through an automated email how my service and results were. So I responded. I was not expecting this but they got back to me with a human reply this time, and they asked if I had any other offers that were lower in price.

They said my offer’s price point was “very high”.  Since solo ads are ice cold traffic, I realized they are correct about this because my $297 offer, most likely, really was too high for cold traffic.

So I started researching offers with a $7 to $47 price point, as the traffic people suggested. In case you’re wondering, the source is TrafficForMe.

So I hit the Warrior Plus marketplace since I did not currently have an offer that low. I had not visited WP in years, but I knew not to just grab the first product I see being sold.

Find a High Quality Offer That Sells

I used some of my past experience with product research on Warrior Plus and found something that was a couple years old already, has sold over 25,000 copies, had a 20% conversion ratio, had a 4.5 out of 5 star review out of 489 total reviews, and had ZERO refunds.

Wa-la…a time-tested and proven product that people actually like!

So I zip over to the sales page and watch the video of this guy named George. 

I was impressed by the guys professionalism, his seemingly genuine willingness to help people make money, and I could see that this was a quality product funnel and why people absolutely loved this. I requested an affiliate link, which got approved in a few hours.

Now George is a Super Funnel Hero and that’s what his system is called. The proof was in the pudding already that this was something of high quality that I could, and should, promote as well. The product obviously sells.

Does This $7 Product Really Have Value?

Now its against my conscience to promote something I have not bought myself, so I go ahead and buy the thing for $7 so I can see what’s what inside.   Now I can see inside this guy’s way of doing business and I will tell you…I was impressed.  Not just for the great stats its got, but now I can see for myself why this is worth picking up!

I never heard of this guy before but everything he was saying, and what he’s got set up, and the WAY he sets it up, all makes perfect sense for why he is so successful.

As an online nobody myself, there’s definitely a lot I can learn from this guy and his “super funnels”, and I actually wanted to learn more from him because he comes across as very sincere, and not some shady, greedy guru, who happens to have a successful system in place that I really like.

I am wanting to buy more stuff from George now, and a that’s good thing because I am going to see much more of the inner workings of his system which I want to sell myself. I love the way he sets everything up and makes it easy, even for newbies, to get started doing something that I think is very complicated, in a field that is made to look like everyone can do it, and that’s simply not true.

So if you can make this easy for people, and it seems that he does a great job at that, as far as I can tell, then that’s all the more money in your pocket for being able to help more people.  Sounds and looks like a recipe for success to me.

Please don’t let the $7 price tag fool you. It really is a high quality product on its own, but also has some higher dollar up-sell options you can grab too, if you’re interested.

Take a look at what George, an online multi-millionaire and ‘Super Funnel Hero’, does to make his millions and how he helps many other people to earn an income online too. Go here ==>

~Mike J Anthony

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