Have You Been Defeated By The 5 Horsemen of Online Marketing?

Have You Been Defeated By The 5 Horsemen of Online Marketing?

5 Horsemen of Online Marketing

When you decide that you want to start making money through online marketing, you start doing your research on Google.  Then, without knowing it, because you’re new and just getting started, you find yourself confronted by these 5 horsemen of online marketing. 

But in order to be successful, you simply MUST defeat these 5 horsemen, and that’s not easy.

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Horsemen #1: Do It Yourself

This one is the start of things where you heard of the “internet laptop lifestyle” or “push-button profits”, and you believe this so you go out and try to work this all out on your own.  You do the research, read blogs, post incessantly on Facebook, opt-in to email lists where you think they have “the answer”, but the problem is…there is way too much information online and you get overloaded.

You can’t put it all together, you wonder if people really make money by sending emails, pushing buttons, etc. Then you find that it seems like everyone is making money but you.

So you think, “Right! I need to get some more training then!”

Horsemen #2: Training

Now you think you just don’t know enough things to start making money, so you start buying all these products. This can run into the thousands of dollars as there are so many things that you find out you need to know. Most of these trainings won’t work.

Most of these people selling trainings are making money from selling you the training but not from doing what they sell in the training.  1 or 2 training products might actually be worth something but 99% of them will not be.  You go through some of these trainings, which take a lot of time, effort, and money, and none of it works for you.

So now you think, “Right!  I just need someone who’s done it already and buy some 1-on-1 coaching!”

Horsemen #3: Coaching

This is not to say that there isn’t any good coaches out there because there are. But now you start looking for all these coaches of coaches and most cant even coach you, not really, because they haven’t made any money either.

So you keep looking and you finally find someone who seems to have the experience, credentials, money proof, etc…but you still can’t do it because its too much time that you don’t have, and its not as easy as they made it seem on their sales page, and now you’re back to square 1.

So you go back to the coach, and he or she doesn’t even answer anymore. If you do get an answer, its only for you to put up more money. Then you go and look for other coaches that may be better for you. You repeat this many times, all costing a fortune in total. 

I once had a “coach” who didn’t even give me the time of day after giving him $2,000. I ended up refunding that, which he had the nerve to try to fight even, and I got my money back. 

So, you say, “Right! What I really need now is someone to do all this for me!”

Horsemen #4: Done For You

So now you get promised that you “can’t fail” because they are doing it all for you. You pay a crap ton of money, and you wait to receive your done-for-you shiny, new product. You go through the training, you put it into action, and still you receive…wait for it…NOTHING! 

They make it seem like it is YOU, for the reason its not working. So you say, OK, “it must be me” and then you go and find more done-for-you’s. Same result…NOTHING. 

You can’t figure out why all the set-ups and everything don’t seem to be working. Then you realize one big, crazy thing. …And all of this stuff really is insane when you really think about it… But you realize that you are not getting one thing, which you seemed to have needed the whole time, and that is: Traffic!

So now you say, “Right! Traffic is what I need, so let me go and get some traffic!

Horsemen #5: Traffic

Brilliant! Now you find out that you don’t need a little traffic, you need a LOT of traffic, and constant, consistent traffic too.  Problem: You don’t know how to get this traffic at all! You go out and try free safelists, and eventually start trying solo ads. You may have even gotten 1 sale so now you know you need this. 

This is when you start to hear about list building, and that “the money is in the list”, which is true, so you set out to do this but you do it all wrong. Then you think there is some “super secret” way to get traffic that you aren’t being told.

You spend a ton more money to find out this secret, magic traffic source. But none ever seems to materialize for you.  Once again, in your eternal search for glory in this thing they call online marketing, everyone seems to be making money but you.

You realize this stuff is hard, and that all traffic is not created equal and that your list building, to this point, absolutely sucks.

Then you hear about “Buyer” traffic and think that must be your problem. Now you want to build a “buyer’s list”, but where do you get this “buyer” traffic from?

You now know you absolutely need “buyer’s traffic”, because buyers keep buying, but after all the turmoil you’ve just been through with the other 4 horsemen, you are just finished! 

These 5 horsemen above have now left you burnt out, out of money, wanting to quit.

If you have not been through these 5 horsemen, and you’re someone who wants to start making money online, then you most certainly WILL.

How to Defeat the 5 Horsemen of Online Marketing

If you are spending money on the RIGHT things to build your business, and there are a few things, necessary things that cost around $200-$500 per month…its really not much for a business…and its very worth it, and plus you can write it all off on your taxes, which you should be doing anyway.

The goal becomes to spend $5000-$20000 a month on your business later on, and of course you’ll be making much more than that at that time.

The SBA (Small Business Administration) even says you need at least $2000-$5000 to just start a micro-business. That translates to $167 – $417 per month! That’s the minimum you should be targeting to get your business started!

Just something to think about…

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