Honey Automatic Discount Coupon Codes Extension

Honey Automatic Discount Coupon Codes Extension

This discount coupon code extension for browsers, called Honey, is a neat little program that over 8 million users can attest to. If you do any shopping online, it does not hurt to get this installed on your browser.

What the Honey extension does is that once its installed on your browser, and you go shopping online, it will automatically find and apply any discount coupon codes it finds, thereby saving you money even if you forget to look for a coupon code.

The Honey coupon extension is free to use and is adding new supported stores all the time.  When it is installed, there will be a little “h” on the top right of your browser, which will light up when it finds discounts.

Then, when you are checking out, it automatically scans every discount coupon code available and applies it to your cart price before you make a purchase.  Pretty cool, huh?

Honey Discount Coupon Code Extension






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