How To Buy Solo Ads the Right Way

How To Buy Solo Ads the Right Way

I just want to talk about one method of getting traffic which resonates with me when trying to find quality traffic.

Now, first, I want to talk about the difference between quality traffic and crappy traffic.

Quality vs Crappy Traffic

solo-adsMost people learn how to get crappy traffic. They don’t know there’s a difference until they realize they still have no leads, no sales, etc, after spending lots of time and money on the wrong kind of traffic.  Only then they start to realize that there’s a problem.

I know because I went through this very same thing.

Crappy traffic is usually low or no cost, and it is untargeted, meaning there is no specific audience in mind.  This traffic converts very low or not at all.  It’s very easy to find this traffic because many people online wrongly recommend it, including so-called ‘gurus’ of traffic.

I’ve wasted so much money on crappy traffic because I didn’t know any better. I don’t want you to make the same mistake.

What you need to get is quality traffic.  Quality traffic is usually paid traffic, which is obviously more expensive, and you need to realize that if you want to scale your quality traffic, you should be willing to spend top dollar for it. 

Why? Because quality traffic converts into leads and sales, and THIS is the name of the game. Quality traffic is targeted to a specific audience who want to see your offers.

One cost effective way I like to get highly targeted quality traffic that converts is by using solo ads

But “how to buy solo ads” is a different story.  Most people do this wrong.  I also just recently starting doing it right. 

How to Buy Solo Ads the Right Way

I never gave solo ads much thought in the past because they cost money.  Again, because I didn’t know any better – but I started meeting people who became very successful in their online marketing by using solo ads.  So I had to start paying attention to these.

Now, there are a lot of scammers out there who will say they provide “quality” traffic and then send you traffic from bots. (Bot traffic is traffic where a bunch of bots hit your site making it look like real visitors but its really just a piece of software code, or a spider, that goes to your site and then leaves. This is worthless, of course.)

Stay away from people who do this. So how do you know who to go to? You gotta find your own sources and there is plenty of that on Facebook groups.  Just type in ‘solo ads’ and you’ll get a whole bunch of groups you can join.

You should find solo ad sellers who offer Tier 1 traffic of at least 70%.  Tier 1 traffic is traffic which comes from these countries: US, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. 

This is where most of your traffic should be coming from.

If you find that most of your traffic came from Russia, Egypt, Nigeria, or some other far out country, you’ve just been scammed.

Case in point: I heard this guy on a webinar say how easy it is to get traffic and that all people have to do is go to this website and buy traffic from their network. So I did exactly that. It was ‘easy’ traffic alright because it was crappy traffic.

When I bought a banner ad on their network and geo-targeted it to most countries around the world ( big mistake), I found that most of it came from Egypt and India, in that order.

I had them change it to North America and Oceanic only, and then I barely got any clicks at all.  There’s no way I’m going to make any sales from that site. It was very bad advice!  Unfortunately, bad advice is never in short supply.

What you do is find solo ad sellers who will send to their own list of hungry buyers, especially in the ‘make money online / Internet Marketing’ niches.  (Who doesn’t want to make more money?)

One guy, Wayne, a very successful online multi-million dollar earner, does exactly this very thing over at Traffic Domination. (Tell him Michael Anthony sent ya!)

The best solo ad vendors, like Wayne above, will also train you on how they became so successful in their marketing careers and are willing to share that information with you!

What to Ask Solo Ad Vendors

If you don’t know the vendor already, always ask where their traffic comes from before you buy.

Do not buy from people selling traffic that comes from popovers, popunders, traffic exchanges, safelists, exit traffic, or other shady practices.

Ask them for first time buyer discounts.  You can start to test a solo ad by buying 50-100 unique clicks to start out with.

Unique clicks are visitors who visit your site and are counted only once, no matter how many times they click on your site or squeeze page.  Raw clicks are counted even if the same person clicks on your page 10 times. So you want to buy unique clicks only, not raw.

When you find a solo ad seller that actually gets you results, you can throw all sorts of money at it to scale up and make more sales or generate more leads for your business.

Ask for testimonials.  This is very important because, as I mentioned, there are lots of scammers in the solo ad world so you need to be careful.  Only deal with reputable solo ad sellers that have actual, real testimonials.  I’ve seen some fake ones made up for the purpose of scamming people.

With real testimonials, you can actually contact those people and ask them how their solo ads went and what they think of the seller.  I like going into Facebook groups for this reason.  Its very easy to contact people who are more than willing to give you their honest opinions, unless you already know a reputable seller, like Wayne above.

When I started buying solo ads, I had no idea what I was doing, so I know I must have gotten scammed because I had no idea where the traffic was coming from and I did not track it either.

Like most people, I bought a few ads and hope and prayed it converted.  It did not, and then I wondered why.  It was because I was doing none of the things I mentioned above, which leads me to another thing you must do…

Test and Track Your Solo Ads!

Make sure you are tracking your results with some sort of tracking program or wordpress plugin, or software.  You must know where the traffic is converting from so you can scale up and buy more of it.

Start with a small test of 50 or 100 clicks (or $30 to $100) and track the results, i.e. what was its opt-in rate, how many leads, sales, etc.  This will tell you whether or not to spend more money with that particular seller or not.

Also ask the seller how fast they can deliver.  Some can delivery as early as 24 hours and other will take 2 weeks.  If you find a high converting solo ad seller, then I would be willing to wait 2 weeks for my order.  You wont know that until you test first.

Other than that, the sooner the better, in my opinion.

Another thing to watch out for is buying from several sellers in the same group or community, such as Safe-Swaps, Udimi, and certain Facebook groups.  Often times, sellers will be buying clicks from the same people that you are buying from so you will start to see diminished results if you buy from several of them. 

Unless they are constantly refreshing their list with original sources, you will most likely be getting your solo ad out to duplicate lists, so be careful HOW MANY you buy from as well as WHO you buy from.  So make sure to also ask how fresh their list is.

You can also buy Funnel Clicks

Funnel clicks are clicks that come from within someone’s sales funnel.  Rather than sending out a broadcast to their email list, like a solo ad seller does, Funnel Click sellers will send traffic to a ‘Thank You’ page or ‘Download’ page, or both, after someone has already opted-in to their sales funnel – and your solo ad is located there. 

Many times, these visitors will have just bought something, or opted-in to an offer, and that’s where they see your ad.  For this reason, funnel clicks tend to convert, in many cases, even better than regular solo ads, and they are a little cheaper too. You’ll have to test this option as well as I know some people who would not agree that they convert better.

Again, to find reputable funnel click sellers, type ‘funnel clicks’ into Facebook and start shopping around. All the rules above still apply!

So if you’re struggling for traffic, this is one way to go about buying solo ads correctly so that you don’t get scammed and so that you get results.

Another of my “go to” places to buy solo ads from is TrafficForMe.

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Mike J Anthony

P.S. You will need a place to send quality traffic to.  CLICK HERE to see where I send my traffic.


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