Is Bitcoin Stealth Phase Over?

Is Bitcoin Stealth Phase Over?

‘Stealth phase’ over? Why Wall Street FOMO will make $20K Bitcoin look cheap

The year 2020 sucked for pretty much everyone. Unless you’re holding Bitcoin (BTC) that is.

The price of Bitcoin is up 125% year-to-date, making it once again the best-performing asset just as it has been for the past decade. 

Strangely enough, the public seems completely oblivious to this fact. But not everyone is ignoring Bitcoin’s latest rally above $16,000. Currently, the price is just 20% shy of its all-time high. 

Wall Street is not here yet

Considering the impressive year Bitcoin is having, it’s not surprising that Wall Street is now starting to realize that the world’s first decentralized cryptocurrency isn’t going anywhere.

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I mentioned in a video here:, and in a post here:, about a “stealth” bull market in Bitcoin for 2020. Both of these were published in 11/2019 and 11/2018, respectively.

Now, in 11/2020, I think we are coming to the end of this stealth phase if not already out of it.  So we’ve already been at this for a couple of years. 

Bull markets never start with a bang. They start without anyone ever realizing whats going on. That’s what makes it a “stealth” market.

As the article mentioned in the quote above, “Strangely enough, the public seems completely oblivious to this fact.”

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