The Bitcoin Sneaky Stealth Bull Market 2020

The Bitcoin Sneaky Stealth Bull Market 2020

Back in January 2019, I made a video based on Bitcoin’s sneaky stealth bull market (above).

The price was at around $3,600.  Fast forward to today and the price has gone to $13,800 and then back down to around $7,000, where it is as of this writing.

I believe the Bitcoin market has definitely been super sneaky, even more-so than I thought it would be.

People are now talking about Bitcoin going back to the $3000 levels.  UPDATE: It went under $4000 only 4 months later in March 2020 (Covid scare).

However, there is a case for a 2020 Bitcoin Bull Run.

I happen to believe that the negative sentiment is setting the stage for a Bitcoin bull market in 2020 that will eclipse the previous bull run of 2017.

Things like this always start with a wimper and end with a bang.  Such is the case repeating itself this time too.

The question is: Are you prepared with your own Bitcoin?

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