LiveGood: Life Is Good!

LiveGood: Life Is Good!

Life is Good!

This is the fastest growing company in the health and wellness industry.

Discover the Costco of Nutritional companies with an Amazing Marketing System and my favorite compensation structure, a 2 X 15 Forced Matrix.

I’m sure you have heard the old cliche by now, “Your health is your first wealth!”

Your health and wellness will always be this company’s #1 focus. That’s why they’ve eliminated the middleman to make the highest quality organic products on the planet available to their customers and members for a fraction of the price of the competition.

And on top of the huge savings you get when you purchase any of the life-changing products, they also give you the opportunity to earn income with the most exciting compensation plan in the industry!

In fact, you can earn up to $2,047.50 per MONTH without ever enrolling a single person!

If you decide to share the amazing products and compensation plan with others, You Can Earn Even More Money

For each person who you refer to LiveGood, who becomes a Member and an Affiliate for only $40 (one-time) + $9.95 monthly (or $99.95 yearly), you will be rewarded with a $25 commission paid out to you the very next week!

Plus, if any of the people you enroll choose to enroll others, not only will they be rewarded, but you will also receive additional bonus commissions up to 10 levels deep.

In the 2 X 15 Forced Matrix, no sponsoring is required

You will also get a 50% Matching Bonus on Everybody You Do Personally Sponsor.

So even though it isn’t required, I highly recommend you do!

It’s an old but true statement that without your health, all the money in the world won’t make you happy.

We have all had our share of health concerns over the years, and I myself am much more concerned with my health, and the things I eat, as I age.

So, of course you would agree, having the proper nutrition will lead to the best health possible for you and your family.

It is also true, and indisputable, that modern-day farming techniques, with their GMO-everything, have stripped soil bare of proper nutrients and minerals, therefore the food we consume today is not optimal for your health, not even close!

On top of that, we don’t always eat the best non-processed foods since everybody is always in a rush to get everything done every day so fast food and donuts work their way in somehow.

Then there are all the pesticides, herbicides, glyphosate, and other harmful pollutants in our air and water that make being healthy very challenging these days, not to mention Covid-19 and other viruses and bad bacteria floating around that can make you sick.

Doesn’t it just make sense to boost your immune system and get as healthy as you can as soon as you can, and stay that way?!

If you want the best possible health, you really have to supplement your diet with high-quality supplements, like it or not.

You now have the chance to join a brand-new company that is turning The Nutritional Network Marketing Industry upside down.

It used to be companies had to jack up their prices in order to pay the upline, but there’s a new company that figured out a better way.

They do not pay commissions on the products themselves, or else they couldn’t maintain their low prices, so they pay commissions on memberships instead.

If you are pressed for time like most of us, there is a condensed six-minute video so you could skip reading this page (which in all honesty you should do for best positioning) and go directly to:


It explains everything you really need to know to decide quickly and Lock in the best possible position as soon as possible.

This is important as you will see in the video.

I recommend you watch that video RIGHT NOW and then come back here if you need to read more.

You are going to love what this company has done.

You can now Buy Top Quality, Nutritional Supplements at Wholesale Pricing, well below what you would find at Amazon, GNC, Vitamin Shop, etc. REALLY!

There is a tiny $9.95 per month membership fee and an initial one-time $40 fee to become an affiliate.

This opportunity fits perfectly into my ideal compensation plan being a 2 x 15 forced matrix.

Of course you will agree that by putting in only a small amount of effort by enrolling just 2 (or more) people to ensure that your team grows, you can recoup your $49.95 investment right off the bat because these guys pay you $25 for everybody You personally enroll.

Enrolling even more people, you will continue to make $25 per person on the front end, and up to $16,000+ per month or more from their Rank Advancement.

And then there’s the Matching Bonuses which can make you crazy rich!

Originally, the whole premise of Network Marketing was that everybody would do a little bit each and you could then capitalize on the efforts of others.

Just like Henry Ford once said, he’d rather have one percent of 100 people’s efforts than 100% of his own efforts.

He knew that by leveraging the work of other people rather than just relying on his own efforts, he could grow rich…

You can grow rich now too, if you are willing to do just a little bit on your own behalf.

These products are superior quality at wholesale pricing, and you will love the way you feel after only a few short months of getting the proper nutrition into your body.

You will get three (3) websites when you enroll yourself into this new opportunity at:

So do that NOW and then read through the company website and member’s area to familiarize yourself with all the great information there.

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