Online Business: Perfect for Retiring Baby Boomers

Online Business: Perfect for Retiring Baby Boomers

Countless retiring baby boomers are finding out that an online business may be the perfect thing for them to support their retirement.

As more and more baby boomers are retiring from the work force, many are finding out that they just don’t have enough money to support themselves. Many more would just like to have a certain lifestyle that their income in retirement just wouldn’t support.

Online Business Baby BoomersSome try to go back to work but find themselves priced out of the job market by 20-somethings just out of college, or have to take a significant pay cut just to make ends meet.

This is why many retiring baby boomers are starting online businesses. It could be a perfect fit as most baby boomers are comfortable with online life already.

Starting an online business can also provide much more time flexibility as opposed to starting a brick-and-mortar business.

As Tom Harpointner, co-founder and CEO of AIS Media Inc., a technology firm that provides internet solutions to businesses stated in 2006: “We’ve seen a real spike in interest among baby boomers to own their own business. For many of them, being in business for themselves has been a lifelong dream.”

Fast forward to today and that statement is even more true in an uncertain economy and where most baby boomers don’t have enough money for retirement.

One other thing that baby boomers have to watch out for are all the scams that are so abundant online. That’s why Matt Lloyd, a former “farm boy” from Australia, created My Online Business Education, an online business education and training platform that gives others the opportunity to sell high ticket online education products and conferences.

When Mr. Lloyd went searching for an online business to work on, he found himself dodging a minefield of shady businesses or mismanaged online enterprises, so he ultimately created his own.

When running an online business, it normally takes considerable marketing skills, among others, but Matt Lloyd created an online marketing empire that would allow a retired or retiring baby boomer, with no prior online skills, to take part in the very lucrative billion-dollar online education industry and earn themselves high ticket commissions.

His business is one very good way for a retiring baby boomer to break into the online business world.

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[Video] What is MOBE?  Matt Lloyd Explains the MOBE Business Model


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