Personal Development Leads to Contributing Beyond Yourself

Personal Development Leads to Contributing Beyond Yourself

Personal DevelopmentMost people’s issues of why they are stuck in life lies in their personal development.

What is the belying issue if someone has taken all the courses, been on all kinds of webinars, spent thousands of dollars for every product out there, and just knows it all, yet they are still struggling?

If you are like that, or know someone like that, then the most likely reason why that person is still struggling is they have not grown enough from within.

Some people don’t think they need any personal development but those are the ones who need it the most.

Tony Robbins also talked about this, where he spoke of the human need to grow so that we can contribute beyond ourselves.

I found out recently that this need to “contribute beyond myself” was the very thing of WHY I want to have more money, time, freedom, etc., so that I can contribute to society beyond myself. 

This is a spiritual kind of growth which can only be achieved through personal development.

Being able to contribute to others, to give more of yourself, only happens when you grow your self first through personal development.

That’s why if you want to be successful, whatever that means to you, you must also be focused on personal development. 





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