The Lesson of My Tragic $10000 Mistake

The Lesson of My Tragic $10000 Mistake

If you do any kind of affiliate marketing online, I hope you do not make the same mistake I did.

I signed up for this program some years ago where the top position cost $30,000 to purchase. That was too much money for me so I did not do it. I would have to take out a mortgage for that amount.

Instead, I joined the program below it for $15,000. I then worked my butt off sending my offer to free safelists and places like that. It is very hard to make any sales on safelists, at the free account level, let alone one for $30,000.

Lo and behold, a few months later, I landed someone who did go ahead and buy the top $30K level.

Because I did not own that level, I passed up a $10,000 commission to the next person in line who was at that top position.

The total amount of the commission was over $16,000, which would have paid off half of the original amount of the top position, had I gotten it.

That person, the next one in line above me, got money which rightfully belonged to me, or so I thought. This was a very expensive lesson I learned in positioning.

I vowed, from the day I realized this tragic mistake, that I would NEVER again join any program where I cannot afford to get in right away at the top level.

I learned that the minute I saw that this former program had a $30K level I couldn’t afford, I should have passed on it completely.

Instead, I thought I’d “work my way up”, not realizing that someone was indeed going to buy what I couldn’t afford someday and I’d lose out on all that money.

I never even imagined this happening at the time! I always thought that there’s no way I’d ever refer someone who could afford to buy that! WRONG!!

Now, I am a part of a 4 income stream system, and let me tell you, I am at the TOP of each income stream I want to be at the top of without question.

No, they do not total no where close to $30K combined. So I could afford to get the top positions in a couple of these income streams.

I will never again lose big time commissions like that to someone else when I did all the work to earn it.

The system I am using now, I really LOVE it.  It has products that people NEED and BUY.  The only question is, which level will you qualify at?

For me, there is only one answer: the TOP!

What system am I using?


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