Is Broadcast Mentor Worth Its Weight in Gold?

Is Broadcast Mentor Worth Its Weight in Gold?

I came across this product from a 7-figure internet marketer who had this as a replay on his website. I was not interested in buying anything like this but the headline was something like, “Build your email list like an unstoppable force”…or something like that.Fear of Failure

I have been looking to build an email list again, as I quit building one a few years back. Why? Because I tried and failed before. I managed to build a small list of people who never bought anything and I sent message after message for several years. It was a hopeless cause so I gave it up.

However, something has been driving me to try it again. It even haunts me in my sleep. I KNOW that this list building stuff actually works. I just need to learn how to do it the right way, I thought. 

Does Email Affiliate Marketing Work?

Here are all the things I started to think about in my sleep and why I wanted to get back on the affiliate marketing list-building horse.

List building allows you to become a seller rather than a buyer.  I noticed that everywhere I go online, there are buyers and there are sellers. The hole in my pocket, the build-up of debt, the lack of income coming in from anything but a job signals that I have been a Buyer rather than a Seller.

Sellers make all the money while buyers spend all the money.

Every single successful internet marketer online has a list, and so does every great company on Earth.  This is why all the big companies ask for an email address whenever you by something anymore. Yet, we think nothing of it.

Facebook paid 1 Billion dollars for Instagram, a company with only 13 employees at the time. Why? It was a threat to its business and could siphon users away from the platform. This “threat” was in the form of Instagram’s database of 1 billion people.  Facebook then went out and paid $19 Billion for WhatsApp too! Another company with a huge database of people.

Yes, email marketing still works and works very, very well if you are looking to sell products online, engage with customers, and own the data on those customers.

But I Thought Email Was Dead?

Not so fast. Its true that text messaging has become the preferred method to send quick messages to each other, and why Facebook spent billions for companies that developed those platforms. But that certainly did not kill off email. 

Email still has better uses than text messages, especially in the business world, when it comes to: needing longer communications, sending attachments, having a record of correspondence for business or legal purposes.

Both email and texting have their advantages and disadvantages depending on who is receiving the message and for what purpose. But that certainly does not kill off email, and it will be around for the foreseeable future as well.

Email communication is reliable, although slower, which is OK for someone who wants to take the time to read something.  For business purposes of making money online, email is still the preferred way to contact, manage, and engage leads. Text message simply does not have enough information nor is it intended for that purpose.

Even when you receive a text about a product or service, it almost always refers you to a website with a place to enter…you guessed it…an email address.

How Can YOU Build An Email List?

Now that we’ve established why email is not dead and that everybody who is anybody has one, you may be thinking, “But how do I build an email list?”. 

You are reading this because you want to make more money online, right?  You’ve certainly heard that the “money is in the list”.  If you are like me, you may have even tried this before and failed.

Well…I am here to tell you that I came across what I think is the greatest email marketing training online.  I’ve been through several email list building trainings in my day and I still failed.  That’s what lead me to wanting to find the right way to build a list and I really wasn’t even thinking of this.

I just knew I wanted to start sending traffic to offers, but I knew I was building a list to do this, by default.  So that I am not building someone else’s list, I knew I would have to invest in an auto-responder before I started doing that.

This training course I am talking about actually found me. As I mentioned in the beginning, while I was on an affiliate marketing training site, I found a replay of this training.  So I just wanted to take a peek at what it was, because it mentioned building your list with “unstoppable force”. 

I liked what I heard so I kept watching, and knew this was it!  Before I spent my hard-earned money on traffic, I needed to put certain things in place. This product would help me do it, and it is called Broadcast Mentor.

Is Broadcast Mentor Really Worth It?

Matthew Neer: 7-Figure Earner

I am not going to tell you how much money I made from it because, honestly, I haven’t gotten there yet. What I do know is that the things being taught are true and not some crap that doesn’t even work.  The product creator, Matthew Neer, is a 7-figure marketer who became one by using nothing but email marketing, and it shows he knows what he is talking about.

Even if I could give monetary results, I still wouldn’t because it doesn’t amount to a hill of beans for you. Who cares if I made $10 or $10 Billion from it, since you are going to have different results no matter what! I don’t know what you are going to do, or not do, with the information. Here’s the facts, though:

People have a 6th sense about bullshyt and, when you watch the training, or even just the webinar presentation of it, you KNOW that he is telling the truth and what is really possible.  That is what ultimately caused me to buy it. I truly believed it would really help me build my list the right way, and that’s what I want most.

After going through the training, I can tell you, the things being taught in there, NO ONE is teaching. Not even the big marketing gurus teach this, if they know it at all. Most don’t even know it, so Matthew is definitely qualified to give the info he is giving. OK, lets get down to brass tacks!

Who Is Broadcast Mentor For?

You need to be serious about your marketing. You may be like me, and have tried this “list building thing” before with dismal results. You know email marketing works, and you always hear about all these big money people mailing to their huge lists, but never thought it was possible for you.

I just described myself above. I am so sick and tired of always telling others about the huge amount of people someone else is going to be mailing out to their lists! Its time I built my own list.

Maybe you are tired of being a buyer, someone who goes around buying all the shiny objects that you make no money from?  You might have the greatest programs and products known to mankind sitting on your computer right freaking now, but you cannot market any of them to anyone…because you don’t have a list.

How did you find these great products in the first place?  You were on someone’s list, that’s how!  Want to learn how to make that list your own? Read on…

So you go out and put your links out there all over the place, or so you think.  You go to free safelists, traffic exchanges, etc. You even buy some solo ads and send them to some capture pages of stuff you’ve bought before but you don’t ever seem to get anywhere. 

You try this for a few days, maybe even a couple of weeks.  You think you been “all over the internet” with your ads but, in fact, you haven’t even scratched the surface!

Its not that your products are bad…they are actually quite good…you even bought them yourself, right?  You simply now cannot get them in front of many people who are the right people!  Does all this sound familiar?

Maybe you are at a point in your life where you’ve worked hard at a job.  You know there’s something more in life besides working just to pay bills, but that “something more” seems just out of reach for you.  And besides that, HOW do you even get to where you’d like to be?

You KNOW with every cell in your body that internet marketing is a good business model to get into, because its got built-in leverage. Your audience is worldwide, for goodness sake! But you just can’t seem to figure it out.

You know you are coachable. You are willing to work hard on your dreams. You are tired of just scraping by. 

If only you could find someone successful who can help you, without lying to you, or selling you only dreams, and charging you tens of thousands of dollars for the privilege. 

This is exactly who Broadcast Mentor is meant to help!

Who Broadcast Mentor Is Not For

If you are someone who is not serious, this is not for you.  If you are someone who thinks everything is a scam, it won’t help you.  If you are a freebie-seeker, this is definitely not for you.

Part of being a business owner is to be serious about your business, take accountability for your actions, and expect reasonable start-up costs to get started. 

If you do not have any money, which is an excuse I hear a lot of people make, please just stay away from Broadcast Mentor and find yourself something for free.  There’s plenty of it out there.

The 7-figure marketer who teaches this simply does not have time for people like that and won’t even talk to you.  The same way that McDonald’s Corporation will not talk to you unless you have $500K in the bank, free and clear first. They know they have a successful, proven business model.  So why should they waste their time on people with no money, or who are looking for things for free? 

It’s the same thing here!  You are not going to get anything worthwhile for free!  If this is your mindset, this is not for you!

By the way, the US Small Business Administration says you need between $2000-$5000 to get started with a micro-business.  I found these figures to be accurate and a good guideline for getting anything serious started online.  If you do not have access to that dollar figure range to get a business started, come back when you do!

Email marketing is a successful, proven internet business model. Just ask any 7-figure marketer online, and they will tell you the same thing! You need to treat it that way!

What Other Expenses Am I Going to Need?

I want to be perfectly honest and clear here. This is what you’re going to need in ANY online business, not just for this course.  Remember, this is for serious people who are serious about their business and KNOW that there are going to be costs involved.  They are investments in your own business in general.  You will need…

  • Internet Connection – This is obvious as you are reading this right now on an internet connection. But its still an expense, which you can now write off on your taxes, because you will own a business.  You can also write off half your electricity bill which you need for your internet service as well.  This is another reason why you should own a business.


  • Auto-Responder – No internet marketer worth his or her salt will be caught dead trying to build an email list without one. Or else, you’ll only be building someone else’s list for free! Get one! (~$200-$400/yr)


  • Domain Name – You need to be professional. Having your own domain name is a must! ($~10 one time)


  • Hosting/Page Builder – You need a place that will host (store) your domain and funnel capture pages. (~$100/mo)


  • Capture Pages You’re going to need a place to capture all those email addresses. These can cost tens of thousands of dollars to develop, and even more to test, but luckily, you get proven and tested capture pages included with the training I recommend.


  • Tracking – You will need a tracking tool so you can track the results of all the traffic you will be sending to your links. Without tracking, you are just throwing darts at a dartboard blindfolded. (~$80/mo)


  • Google Business Account – Just under 1 in 3 email users in the world today use Gmail. It is the most popular email service in the world. If you are going to focus on email marketing, you need to make sure your business handles Gmail clients most efficiently. This used to be a free service but as of June 2022, it has now switched to a paid service and why I’ve included it here. ($6-$18/mo)


  • Education/Training (Broadcast Mentor) –  This will be an unlimited amount because your education and training should never stop, but for the purposes of this article, you will need to cover the cost of Broadcast Mentor to start.  Believe me, its worth it because you will need to know how to do this the right way from the start! (value: $1,000,000s)


These are the main things you need to get started.  Its not a heck of a lot of money to own a full business and get the full tax write-offs you’re entitled to. These tax-deductible business expenses are also in line with the SBA’s micro-business start-up costs.

This recommended training helps you get all of the above set-up, but you do need to pay for them, as they are a necessary part of doing business online.

What I Didn’t Like About Broadcast Mentor:

I think it can be a little technically challenging.  I also didn’t like feeling like I only had to use the tools being used in the course. You don’t, but if you want to follow along with the more technical aspects of the course, some will want to use only what the teacher recommends. If you do not, you are own your own as far as getting them to work the way you need them to.

The truth of the matter is that some of those tools are available all at the same place for cheaper, so there should be more of a choice here and other services recommended.

My Verdict On Broadcast Mentor: 

I am very impressed by the training. Its like a breath of fresh air in an industry full of hot air! I am convinced that those who take the training, and implement what it teaches, will see the $10K/month that it advertises! 

I believe its a true, no-nonsense training course, which includes a 7-figure “mentor”, who practices what he preaches, and then teaches you the same.  I truly believe it is the best training on email marketing you are ever going to find from someone who does this for a living!

So where do you go to find out more about Broadcast Mentor? Click Below…



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