Withstanding the Full Assault of Scaredy Cats, Dream Stealers and Negativity

Withstanding the Full Assault of Scaredy Cats, Dream Stealers and Negativity

Fear of Failure

It seems, as of late, I have been on more of an “overcoming adversity and negativity” type of personal development journey.

Yup, we entrepreneurs get assaulted by this daily. Therefore, it is important that you put on your entrepreneurial armor and learn to overcome this.

When you are building and promoting your business online, you have to put yourself “out there”, so to speak. Many people are scared to do this.

They think, “What if someone says something bad about me?” or “What if it doesn’t work out?”

My answer to that? SO Freaking WHAT?!! DO IT ANYWAY!

Lets go over the importance of people that have negative things to say about you…

Do these people pay your bills? NO!
Are they putting food on your table? NO!
How about a roof over your head? NO!

What importance do they really have? NONE!

So what do you care what these “negative nellies” have to say about anything?

Being an entrepreneur is all about putting yourself out there. Because you are willing to take risks that they refuse to take. People will hate you for it.

These are the same people that will be asking you for money when you’ve achieved the success that you want.

People love negativity because misery loves company. They want to relish in your failures because they themselves wont get off their butts to even make an attempt at any kind of success.

So its much easier for them to criticize what you are trying to do and/or call everything you are doing a scam. It makes them feel better about themselves than the losers they really are.Must Be a Scam

Ever notice how some people love to throw out the word “scam” at anything and everything, without knowing a single thing about you or your business?

I actually feel sorry for them because I know that they will never achieve a single thing in life beyond where they are currently at. They are “scaredy-cats” and afraid of everything, so everything is a “scam” to them.

This is not to say that there aren’t scams out there. There are definitely quite a bit of them. But to live your life in perpetual fear like that is just non-sense.

These are the same people you always see standing in long lines to buy the latest Powerball ticket, trying to strike it rich with no work involved.

They will never admit that though, because they are scaredy-cats — scared of life, scared of business, scared of YOU, the entrepreneur – out there MAKING it happen rather than waiting for something to happen, like they do!

Rather than keeping their misguided, messed-up opinions to themselves, they love to go out and find struggling entrepreneurs, and even successful ones, and dish their negativity out in heaps on them, in the hopes that they will join their ranks. They can’t help it. It’s what they do!

They cannot mentally strive to get to your level, so they will mentally try to bring you down to theirs…

Dream Stealers

So does it really matter what they have to say? NO, it does not. Not in the least.

The more you put yourself out there, the more of these type of people you are going to face. They are also called “dream stealers” and they will always be there with clubs, swords, and pitch forks in hand, ready to steal your goals and dreams.

Realize that they have NO bearing on your future success and don’t let them steal your dreams. This is what we entrepreneurs have to deal with on a daily basis. Its why some people can’t hack it, because they care too much what these people have to say.

There are other things too, which stand in the way, like life itself. Things just happen in life that you can’t control.

These things are going to happen. Its all about HOW you respond to these things that matter.

I wrote the following article I’d like you to check out: Building a Business Is Both Hard and Great.

Unlike so many people online who make it all look like its so easy, I am here to tell you its not.

But that’s exactly what makes it great!

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