A Bitcoin Buying Opportunity? CFTC Approves Bitcoin Futures Settlements

A Bitcoin Buying Opportunity? CFTC Approves Bitcoin Futures Settlements

June 27, 2019

There has been a very healthy pullback after Bitcoin’s run, which was nothing short of PHENOMENAL!

Institutional Investors Buy Bitcoin

A New York firm (Wall Street), named LedgerX, just got APPROVED to settle Bitcoin futures by the CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission) 2 days ago, and starts trading next month.
(See https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-06-25/retail-derivatives-that-pay-out-with-bitcoins-approved-by-cftc)

This is VERY BIG news and means that the mainstream, including government regulators, are getting more and more onboard with this “cryptocurrency” stuff.

Yesterday, we watched, with baited breath, as Bitcoin ran to $13,800 yesterday – and no one, but NO ONE, saw that coming…atleast not as soon as it did.

So this current pullback is very healthy for the market as a whole, and I am happy about it!

Some think the price can go as low as $7000-$8000 before being filled. I don’t know but I just know that I am glad we got a break in that heated upward parabolic movement.

I am not a trader but I was seriously thinking of selling my Bitcoin yesterday around $13,700, simply because nothing can go up that much without some sort of correction!

I stood firm though because I also did not know whether I could get back in at a favorable lower price.  Turns out, I would have been correct, at first, but then I had a much better opportunity to get back in much later on – but I decided to make no moves.

I could have gotten more Bitcoin out of the opportunity, assuming I was correct, but I could have gotten less as well, if I was wrong…so I decided to stay put and remain even.

Nevertheless, the peak is in and herein lies the opportunity to buy Bitcoin.

The Current Opportunity to Buy Bitcoin Won’t Last

As I write this. Bitcoin is under $10,600 – so what I would do, if you’re thinking of jumping in here, is to watch what happens, see if we can get a price under $10k, or even $9K, if possible.

If it does fall that low, keep watching and look for an entry. If not, then better be ready to buy regardless.

Oh, for those that are less experienced with this: you do not need $10,000+ to buy.  Just so you know I’m not talking crazy here!

You can buy in fractions with just $10 if that’s all you have, though I recommend a minimum of $100.

But without being all technical about it, I would be watching for a place to enter starting right now! 

We’re already down $3000 from yesterday so that’s a good start!  But we do not know how low Bitcoin will go so you cannot time the bottom, but…

Here’s the bottom line:  Bitcoin is going A LOT HIGHER in the future!

We are going to have pullbacks like this of 25-40%+ so that’s very normal. 

These are the times to get in!

So You’re Buying Bitcoin but Where To From Here?

Bitcoin needs to surpass $20,000 to get over its all time high, which was previously set in December 2017.

Once this happens, and I believe it will by next year in 2020, then all bets are off and prices could rise much further for another year or more!

How much further?  $40K – $50K – $100K?  Don’t know, but those are the figures we’re talking about! 

If it even matches the rise of 2017, then we’re talking about $330,000! 

Imagine having just a fraction of Bitcoin at $330,000!?

No other investment, no online marketing strategy will match that kind of return for just holding on to it!

Litecoin has also fallen to under $112 currently so that’s also a good entry point, and much more affordable for most people, though Bitcoin will always be the top dog!

Ladies and Gentleman, Bitcoin is coming to the masses whether you like it or not.

The only question now is: Do you have any Bitcoin?

Recommendation: Buy Bitcoin during this current pullback (also Litecoin).

I currently buy Bitcoin and Litecoin using Binance.US ==> http://mikejanthony.com/binance




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