Cheapest TLD Registrar .com Renewals and Transfers

Cheapest TLD Registrar .com Renewals and Transfers

Tired of paying too much for domain name registrations and renewals?  Me too.

That’s why I started transferring my domains over to one of the cheapest TLD registrars online. (TLD = Top Level Domain)

With well-known registrars like GoDaddy continuing to raise their prices every year, it no longer makes sense to keep using them.

GoDaddy, is probably the largest domain registrar in the world.  But what GoDaddy does is they rope you in on a good 1-year registration deal, which aren’t even all that good anymore…

They have lots of deals like that on most of their products, but you will find that is a one-time deal.  When it comes time for renewal, you will regret ever registering with them as you experience the renewal price shock the next time around.

As I started shopping around, because I grew tired of GoDaddy’s high prices, I quickly found many registrars that are much cheaper.  However, most of these lack in quality.

I needed a cheaper domain registrar while also maintaining the same, or higher quality, than GoDaddy.

High Quality But Cheap TLD Registrar

I found one of the cheapest tld registrars, while also finding simplicity of use of their website and quality of products.

Not only that but they also have very good SSL service for a great price, or free, and you also get free privacy with your domain registrations.

GoDaddy does not offer free privacy and their SSL service and renewals are expensive. No thanks!

The cheap registrar that I am talking about is usually not found on anyone’s top 10 list of cheap registrars either.

I really don’t know why they are so unknown, yet have some of the best domain service and prices I’ve seen online.

As if that’s not enough, this cheapest tld registrar also has sell-side support for those who want to sell their domains on its auctions marketplace.  This is not so over at GoDaddy who offers no sell-side support at all.

My recommended cheap tld registrar‘s renewals are just as low-priced as the initial domain registrations, sometimes cheaper when they offer coupons and discounts, as they like to do often.

Did I mention that their prices are right too?

I will eventually switch all of my domains, SSL certs, renewals, over to this cheapest of registrars.  I am very happy with their service.

I am talking about none other than Dydnadot.

Sign up for a Dynadot account here.

Dynadot Cheap TLD Registrar


~Mike J Anthony


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