Coinbase Bundle And Educating The Public About Cryptocurrency

Coinbase Bundle And Educating The Public About Cryptocurrency

Recently, Coinbase has released a cryptocurrency package “bundle”.  This package includes all 5 of the cryptocurrencies that the platform offers: Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ethereum Classic (ETC), and Bitcoin Cash (BCH).


They are also launching an initiative to educate the public on buying cryptocurrencies and other crypto assets. There is a section called “Coinbase Learn”on their website for this purpose.


From the Coinbase Blog:

The vision of an open financial system depends on people’s ability to understand, explore, and choose cryptocurrencies. We expect that millions of people will make their first cryptocurrency purchase in the coming years. But all too often, getting started can be overwhelming for people learning about crypto for the first time.

Today, we’re starting to roll out a series of updates that simplify every step of the journey to owning your first cryptocurrencies:

  • Coinbase Bundle: A market-weighted selection of the five cryptocurrencies available to buy and sell on Coinbase. You can buy a bundle of 5 cryptocurrencies for as little as $25.

  • Informational Asset Pages: Asset pages to learn about the top 50 cryptocurrencies (by market cap) — including many that are not currently available to buy or sell on Coinbase.

  • Coinbase Learn: A new section of the Coinbase website to educate people who are new to cryptocurrency, answering some of their basic questions.


Coinbase is also looking to expand and has written about what they are looking to accomplish on their blog:


Coinbase was founded to give anyone — no matter where they live — trustworthy and secure access to a more open, blockchain-based financial system.

Towards this end, we’ve always taken a deliberate approach to adding support for new assets to the platform. We currently support Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, and Litecoin, and we have announced that we are exploring the addition of several new assets. However, there are now thousands of digital assets of all types, including coins, tokens, forks, stablecoins, and collectibles. One of our top customer requests is to add support for these new assets, and we have been determining how to do this in a secure and compliant way for those assets meeting our standards.

Today we’re announcing a new process that will allow us to rapidly list most digital assets that are compliant with local law, by satisfying listing requests in a jurisdiction-by-jurisdiction manner. In practice, this means some new assets listed on our platform may only be available to customers in select jurisdictions for a period of time.

The new process begins with a form for issuers to submit assets for listing at Coinbase, which we will evaluate against our digital asset framework. The application form and the digital asset framework will be regularly updated, and our form will indicate the latest version of the framework we are evaluating against.


The general  population still has yet to adopt cryptocurrency and crypto assets in a big way and efforts like this will surely help with educating the public.  This market is still in its infancy and there is a lot to work to do in this area.

Even so, fortunes have already been made from 2009 when Bitcoin first appeared on the scene.

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